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This mistress was pissed at the slow pace in which he contractor did things. She had expected him to be done in time to allow her do other things but he seemed to take his sweet time. That pissed her off and she had to find a solution to it. That solution involved punishing him cruelly and she did so by facesitting him and cruelly so. He worked faster after that.

This mistress wanted to punish this guy without using too much strength. So she lowed her pants and she had the guy lick her ass. In fact, she had someone tie his face to her ass so that he constantly licked her ass and later on her farts. The guy could not escape and he had to do things in the manner in which she wanted them to be done.

Mistress Cynthia could not believe what her boyfriend had done and since it was a shitty thing to do, she decided to make the punishment to be shitty as well. He was lucky he was not made to eat her shit but she made sure he licked her ass and that he also smelled her farts even though he was nearly choked by doing so. He learned his lesson and never did such a thing again.

When this mistress learned that this guy was full of shit, she did not need any further convincing that she needed to destroy him and teach him a lesson. The mistress used her big ass to facesit on him and to crush his head. She wanted him to stop being full of shit and after degrading and humiliating him, he had no choice but to do so. He did not want such humiliation again.

Mistress Melissa was not pleased with how quarrelsome her boyfriend was. She did not want it particularly today when she wanted to watch some movies. He was eating into her time to watch the movies and he had to shut up. So she made sure he shut up by facesitting on him with her bare ass and made him smell her farts. She went on watching her movie was he was being humiliated by being facesat on.

Mistress Sasara caught this guy checking out her big ass and she knew he had a thing for it. So she asked him to follow her to her house. She could tell what was in his mind but she knew it was not going to happen. All she wanted to do was to have fun and pass time at his expense. She had time to burn and she burned it by making him lick and smell her ass.

Mistress Melissa chose to dominate this guy. She did it because he deserved to be humiliated as he had wronged her. But what the guy did not know was that she was also horny and she wanted to cum. So she combined the two and she facesat on him as humiliation but also rubbed her clit on his face until she came. She managed to do both the things she wanted to do.

Mistress Sasara did not see any value that this loser added to her life. She chose to run a lean and mean operation and that was why she was surprised at how he tried to adapt to what she was doing. But she changed styles often and she did all kinds of things that were on his head. She then chased him away as she did not need him anymore.

These mistresses are very good friends and they are always together. This guy ft that he could have a threesome with them and he told them so. The mistresses were pissed but they lured him to their house where they humiliated him by facesitting on him. He was choked and he nearly peed his pants. The guy had to beg for mercy in order for them to let him go.

When it comes to dominating guys, this mistress is one of the best in the game. She lured this loser who had messed with her and she got him to regret what he had done to her. She got him to lick the soles of her shoes and to make it even worse, she got him to lick her car pedals before she drove the car. He never messed with her again.

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