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Mistress Lena wanted to celebrate an achievement she had accomplished but her way of doing so was weird. She celebrated by torturing this guy and she did it for fun and to dominate and humiliate him. The mistress went ahead and spat on her feet and then forced the guy to lick her feet as well as other parts of his body. He did so and was degraded even as she had fun.

This mistress wanted to send a message across to this guy and his friends. She had tried to use peaceful means to do it but she did not succeed in doing so. So she resolved to do it in a different way. She used her sneakers to trample and crush this guy from head to toe and in so doing, she got him to understand what she was trying to communicate. She then asked him to go and communicate the same to his friends.

Madame Marissa wanted to inflict some pain on her slave because she did not like the direction that he was taking. The mistress chose to do some cruel things to him and this was scratching him and letting him feel pain in addition to making him lick her feet and then trampling and punching him. The mistress did not give him a break as she dominated and tortured him painfully.

Mistress Kira felt like her feet were not clean and she wanted to clean them before she got into bed. But she did not want to go to the bathroom to wash them. So she summoned her girl slave and she had her lick her feet until they were as clean as she wanted. The slave did not understand why she was being punished but the mistress did not bother to explain.

Mistress Astra did not want to mingle with this guy but he was following her all over and he wanted to strike conversations she did not care about. She got fed up and she punished him for it using her feet. The mistress got him to lick her feet as she played games on her phone. She ignored him but made sure he did what she asked which was licking her feet.

Princess Nicole hosted her friends for their first ever femdom party. She wanted them to try what she had been enjoying for a while now. She loves femdom fetishes and she enjoys torturing guys with her feet and among other things. And today she had a loser for her friends to humiliate and try it out. In the end, she was not surprised that they liked it so much and went to try it on their own.

Mistress Gaia had depended heavily on this benefactor for her start up fetish blog. She was able to do much because of him and today she got to show her appreciation for what he had done for her. She went ahead to put on a show for him and it was the kinkiest show she had ever put on and he had ever seen in his life. It was epic.

Mistress Lilly does not believe that respect is earned. For her, it is demanded and it is her right especially from those who are under her. This loser did not know that and he tried to disrespect her. She used her bare feet to discipline him and make him realize that respecting her was for his own good. After he understood that, the two of them never had any other problem.

Goddess Lena had tried painless encouragement to get results but it did not seem to work. There were no results to see from it and she was pissed as this loser needed to be punished in order to do the right thing. The mistress was not going to allow it to happen so she used her high heels to trample the guy and get whatever message she wanted passed across.

Goddess Yasemin is a faithful girlfriend and there is nothing that can make her cheat on her man. Even today as she was bored and she contemplated trying something crazy for fun, she knew it would not lead to her cheating. So she used her hot butt to tease this guy and when she was done teasing him, she denied him. It was for her fun and not for the fun he thought was going to happen.

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