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Lady Amy felt that this loser deserved to be punished for trying to pickpocket her. She took him to the bathroom of a nearby hotel and she humiliated him. She got him to lick her feet and she dominated him as a lesson for him. He was degraded and had never been as humiliated as he was that day. But he learned his lesson and he stopped being a pickpocket.

When it comes to dominating guys, this mistress is one of the best in the game. She lured this loser who had messed with her and she got him to regret what he had done to her. She got him to lick the soles of her shoes and to make it even worse, she got him to lick her car pedals before she drove the car. He never messed with her again.

Goddess Nika is blessed with a gorgeous body. She is also a great flirt and enjoys seeing guys under her control. She used her sexy ass to tease this guy today. She wanted to find out what she could do with just her ass so she wore a thong and she used it to tease this guy. He was like putty in her hands and she enjoys dominating him and getting to do what she wanted.

Lady Aurelia noticed that her slave was not doing the things he should be doing. She did not want to sit down and start making a big deal out of it or to cause a scene. She did not want a long talk either. She simply threw him down and she made him lick the soles of her boots before she facesat on him and humiliated him cruelly. He got the message and changed.

Princess Jasmin does not like being contradicted by a slave. She had given some instructions to her contractor but when she stepped out, her slave contradicted her and she was not happy when she learned about it. She cruelly trampled him with her sneakers and crushed him as cruelly as she could. He was naked as she did all these things to him and it was even more painful that way.

Mistress BlackDiamoond loves to turn her slaves into sissies. She loves to degrade them in a way that they would always fear her and do what she asks. She used her fuck machine to punish this guy today. She used it to deepthroat him and when she was done with his mouth, she used it in his ass. He was thoroughly degraded and begged for mercy, but none was shown to him.

This mistress was armed with her boots as she sought to punish her slave for being a naughty slave and not following instructions. She did not want a childish slave but rather, a full grown man who was responsible. She punished this slave for his irresponsible behavior and she forced him to change his ways. She had promised him worse punishments if he did not change his ways and do what she asked.

Mistress Bruh and mistress Dani felt like they could do anything they wanted. They tested this by humiliating this loser. They chose to make him lick their feet and at first, they thought he could defy them knowing there was nothing they could do. But they bluffed so well that he was scared shitless and he did all they wanted. They now knew how to deal with guys and make them do what they wanted the way they made him lick their dirty feet.

Mistress Gaia chose to teach this loser a lesson he will never forget for as long as he lives. She made him lick her high heels and trampled him with the same spiked heels. She dominated him and had fun watching him do all the crazy things she ordered him to do. She laughed at how he was crying like a little baby and warned him never to try her again.

Mistress Nata was going through her boyfriend's phone and she found all the flirting texts she had been sending to other girls. He did not do that with her but he found it easy and was an expert in doing it with other girls. She got pissed and she made him lick her bare feet as punishment. As he licked her feet, she went on scrolling his phone for more evidence.

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