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Goddess Gabriella wanted this guy to learn his lesson and she made sure that he learned it by cruelly trampling and slapping him with her feet and her hands. The mistress was angry that he had spanked her and yet they were not in a relationship or anything close to that. That is why he had to be taught a lesson. She choked him besides slapping him and it worked.

This guy did not listen to this mistress and he tried to do things his way but she did not like it. She felt that the best way to deal with him was to trample him as well as his dick. The mistress cruelly asked him to undress and she used high heels to trample his dick and make sure that he was humiliated and learned not to mess with her.

Mistress Electra did not want to continue letting her ex take advantage of her. She felt that she had been too lenient to her and that she needed to make sure that she stopped that and she made him regret the things he did. The mistress did it with her bare feet and he felt pain as she did it. He had to beg her for mercy before she stopped it.

When lady Scarlet realized that this guy was unreliable, she had to do what she does best which was to dominate as well as humiliate him. The mistress and her friend joined forces and they cruelly tortured him. He was trampled with boots and he was made to cry as they did this all over his body. In addition to that, he was also made to lick her dirty boots.

Mistress Dula had tried to get some info from this investment banker but it was the wrong info and she did not want him to think that he could just do whatever he wanted. So she cruelly turned him into a rag and she trampled him as she wished to make him feel both pain and humiliation. That way, he would never lie to people especially deliberately, which seemed to be the case with her.

Goddess Gabriella was having issues with her cable subscription and she took out her frustration and anger on the guy. She did it with her trampling fetish when he came to fix it. He told her it was ok just the same way he had told her before. But this time she crushed his head to make him understand that she did not want it to keep having issues as she was tired of calling them.

Mistress Electra had an unreliable roommate and she was fed up of his unreliability. She had to make him understand that he had no choice but to change and that is why she went out of her way to choke him as well as to crush his face so as to pump some sense into him. He felt pain and he knew that she meant all that she was saying.

This mistress was disappointed with this guy and she had to make sure he would never disappointed someone else again. She had to torture him and she did it with her boots. He was made to lick them clean and he was lucky that she did not shit on him or make him drink her pee. But she peed on a plate as he watched but he was glad not to be made to drink it.

Madame Marissa wanted her jeans to do the work for her so she facesat this guy with it. The mistress had to make sure that she dealt with him in a way that he had never been dealt with before and that is why she used her jeans to facesit him. He never messed up again after what she did to him because he knew what she was capable of doing.

Mistress Kira, mistress Sofi and mistress Jucy had tolerated the neighborhood bully for long and he had to be stopped and tamed. The mistresses did not want to give him one more chance to bully anyone. That is why they took it up themselves to dominate him and teach him a lesson he would never forget for as long as he lived. With their high heels, they cruelly tortured him and gave him a taste of his own medicine.

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