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This girl was a snob and this mistress did not want to stomach that kind of behavior. She had to find a way to deal with the girl and that is why she used her boots to trample her. It was painful as well as humiliating and that is why she did it. The girl felt pain she had never felt before and she cried but that was not enough to get her to stop.

When mistress Ksia and this guy tried to have sex, he came too quickly and she was pissed. She had to make him not do so again so she slapped his balls and she kicked them too. In addition, she trampled his dick and she then asked him to go again. He did so while still in pain and that is when he lasted longer than he had ever done.

When this mistress found out that her husband was doing things that she did not expect and that she did not understand, she had to get him to be straight with her. He had to tell her everything in black and white. So she forced him to undress and she kicked him in the balls to get the information he was keeping from her. It worked as she intended it to.

Lady Cary loves to tease and deny. She has a gorgeous ass that she uses for that purpose. She never misses an opportunity to do so and today she did it to her slave after she had caught him sniffing her panties. She knew he was into her and he was horny so she teased him with her ass and she denied him because she knew he would go and jerk off.

Goddess Katrina had caught her slave checking her out and she felt that she could show him her hot ass for a little bit. She was in a naughty mood so she had him watch as she played with her ass and her pussy then she made him jerk off as she could not fuck him however horny she was. He was ok with jerking off to her instructions and it was a lot of fun.

This mistress knew her neighbor was obsessed with her but when he tried to record her having sex with her boyfriend, she knew he had gone too far and he had to be stopped. She did not bother letting her boyfriend handle it and neither did she want the police to get involved. She handled it herself and she did it by crushing him with her boots from head to toe and concentrating on his balls.

This mistress had given her driver a lot of second chances but he kept messing up. She did not want to be an enabler to his issues and she chose to punish him as she had never done so before. So she had him lick the soles of her shoes but as she made him do that, she realized that it was not enough and he needed to be fired so she fired him.

Mistress Missy noticed that her boyfriend had changed and he took her for granted. He did not do the things he used to do for her and he was not as affectionate as before. So she had to remind him that that behavior was not ok with her. And if he did not go back to being who she had fell in love with, she would break up with him. So she facesat him and she farted on him to choke him a little.

Mistress Lika did not like how her girlfriend had cheated on her. They had agreed not to see other people but she did behind her back and so she trampled her to make her realize that that was not acceptable to her. She did not say much other than to trample her girl and make her feel part of the pain she felt when she learned that she had been cheated on.

Lady Scarlet could not understand why this guy bothered to lie. He was short, he was not in shape and he had a small dick. He did not need to give people ammunition against him. When he lied to her, she trampled him with her pink high heels. She also removed the heels and jumped on him and slapped his face with her foot. He stopped lying after that wakeup call.

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