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Mistress Alexis did not like how much this guy bragged and she felt that she had to punish him so as to make him lessen how much he bragged. She wanted to show him the value of being humble and she used her ass smothering to do it. He was choked and he had to lick her ass as well as smell her farts. It was humiliating and made him humble a bit.

This mistress was trying to study with her classmate but he was dumb and she could not understand how someone could be that dumb. She resorted to dominate and punish him which she did without caring how he felt. The mistress felt that being near him might make her dumb too so she ass smothered them she chased him from her house. He had hoped to please her and fuck her but it did not happen.

Mistress Natasha did not like how this passenger disturbed her during her flight. She was a flight attendant and she was pissed at his unbecoming behavior. She had to teach him a lesson so when they alighted, she signaled him and told him where to get him. He agreed and met him there but instead of the fun he expected, he was given a punishment that involved being painfully slapped using her shoes.

Mistress Samy was vibing with this guy and she felt that she was going to sleep with him but then it got to a point that he could not stop talking and he was spoiling the mood. She had to make him stop so she had to sit on his mouth and she pretended that it was being romantic. She had her phone and put on some music to use in facesitting him.

Mistress Sarah had a lazy roommate and she ended up doing all the work and that did not sit well with her. The mistress had to make sure things worked out and she did her fair share. So the mistress used her bare feet to trample and gag her roommate to make her understand that it was not optional for him to do the right thing and help out with house chores.

Madame Marissa was pissed as it looked like this builder was doing her construction slowly so that he would get paid more. He wanted to show her that the project had gone over budget and she had to pay more. She was not willing to do such a thing and she trampled and humiliated him to make him work within the agreed period and he had no choice but to do that.

Mistress Fox wanted her boyfriend to lick her bare feet but she knew that she had to be smart about it as he would not agree to do it if she asked him. She did not want to tie it to sex either. So she had them play a game she knew she would win and after she won it, she made him lick her bare feet since he had agreed to whoever losing to be made to do what the winner wanted.

Goddess Grazi wanted to shock this guy and she did it by forcing him to lick the bananas she had crushed with her bare feet. He was also supposed to lick her bare feet and he did it all as he knew that he did not have a choice in the matter. All he was supposed to do was to implement the order and he correctly read the situation and he complied.

Goddess Grazi was itching to dominate this girl and today she got the chance when she messed up. The mistress turned the girl into a foot rest and she got her to kneel and bend over and she placed her feet on her. She then turned her into a foot slave as well and she had to lick her feet too. The mistress enjoyed herself as she punished the girl.

Mistress Madison did not want to have sex with her boyfriend and she chose to frustrate him until he was turned off. She sat on his stomach and she face trampled him with her feet. She enjoyed how he was getting impatient with her and she could see how he was slowly getting turned off and eventually she succeeded in her mission and he slept and left her to do her stuff.

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