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Mistress Gaia and her partner caught this guy trying to shoplift and he had to be taught a lesson. The mistresses then made the guy kneel down and he had to lick the soles of their feet. In addition, the mistresses trampled him and they made sure he was humiliated like he had never been in his life. He learned never to shoplift again and begged them to forgive him.

When madame Marissa is angry, there is no limit to the things she can do. This loser came to find out about that the hard way when she used her high heels to trample his fingers as painfully as she could. His cries of pain did little to persuade her to forgive him and in fact they made her believe that her punishment was working so she did not stop.

Mistress Cynthia could not believe what her boyfriend had done and since it was a shitty thing to do, she decided to make the punishment to be shitty as well. He was lucky he was not made to eat her shit but she made sure he licked her ass and that he also smelled her farts even though he was nearly choked by doing so. He learned his lesson and never did such a thing again.

Mistress Valeria was telling her friend about foot licking and her friend was so excited about it that she wanted to try it. And since mistress Valeria did not have a slave or loser for them to use, she decided to use her friend as the guinea pig. She had to learn the hard way as that was the way she would learn it well and implementation would be easier.

Lady Scarlet had found out that someone was stealing from the company but she did not ask anyone about it as she did not want to tip off the culprit and make him hide evidence. She acted as if she did not know while following everything as meticulously as she could. And when she found out who it was, she did not hesitate to kick and crush his balls as punishment.

Mistress Ashley is not a talkative person and this guy did not understand that. She had tried her best to get him to understand that but it seemed that he did not want to understand. So she had no choice but to use her farts and humiliation fetishes to get him to get the point she was trying to put across. And it helped her a lot as she did not have issues with him after that.

Mistress Jardena wanted to teach her boyfriend a lesson which he had never been taught before. He had pissed her off so she used sex as a weapon. She tied him and then she jerked off on his face. She rubbed her clit and her pussy on his face and she even used a vibrator while doing it. All this time he was horny but she did not fuck him. She satisfied herself and went to sleep.

Lady Phoenix was not impressed with how this guy talked shit about people with big bodies like her. She is a BBW and she was ok with herself and he had those who liked people like her. So she took offense at the way this guy talked about people like her and she had to teach him how to behave. She used her BBW ass to teach him to keep quiet.

Princess Mini did not like how her cousin looked at her suggestively. She felt like he was undressing her with his eyes and she knew he wanted to have sex with her. She was not going to let him continue having such thoughts so she put an end to that by smothering him with her ass and choking him in the process. He cried and told her he had learned his lesson.

This mistress had nothing against the guy she was torturing. All she was interested in was to torture and it did not matter to her who she did it. It was the act she was interested in and she wanted to record herself doing it so that she could enjoy it at a later date. So the mistress trampled and crushed this loser after she had lured her to her house and she did not care what the loser felt as she trampled her.

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