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This mistress did not want to be associated with the illegal activities this guy was doing on her property. So she had to chase him out of her property and she refunded his money. She ballbusted him when he tried to insist that he had a lease and would abide by it but she told him to take it and shove it up his ass as she trampled and kicked him.

Mistress Anastasia was out to get info from this guy and that is why she chose to smother him with her bare feet and to have him lick her saliva. She had to make him realize that she was willing to do whatever it took to torture and humiliate him until he gave her what she wanted. The guy did not want any more pain or suffering so he cooperated with her and did as she instructed.

Mistress Gilda was fed up with the way in which this guy trolled people. She knew that he had to be punished so as to force him to stop and so she hunted him down and sat on his face and farted on him as she did. As he choked, he realized that he had created enough enemies through his trolling and so he pledged to stop what he did.

Mistress Evgenia found out that this guy was a snitch and she did not like it. She felt that it was easier for her to dominate him and humiliate him which she then did with her bare feet. She trampled his balls and laughed at the guy as he cried and begged her to stop. She did not stop but rather changed to slap him and fart on his face.

Mistress Gabriela has never been a fan of spanking but as she watched naughty videos on the internet, spanking suddenly became of interest to her. She felt like trying it out but before she had someone spank her, she had to do it by herself. And that is how she spanked herself to get accustomed to it and to find out the pleasure points before she had someone else do it to her.

Mistress Isabella wore her sneakers and they were super comfortable. She felt like using them to do something sneaky and crazy and that is why she settled on using them to crush and trample this guy. She lured him to her house and given how sexy she is, she had an easy time luring him for the sneaker trampling which he agreed to as he thought it would turn her on.

Mistress Marie had had fun with this guy but he was insatiable and she did not like that about him. She felt that it was better for her to humiliate him and so she used her spit to do it. She told him he was sick and he had to take care of his insatiable appetite as she could not deal with it. And the spit was to show him how serious she was.

Mistress Gilda felt that her boyfriend was not as tough as he needed to be and she had to find out how to make him aspire to be strong and tough. So she tried trampling fetish on him. She trampled him with bare feet and she wondered how he cried and begged her to stop. She did not and continued doing it until he agreed to work out and enhance his strength.

Mistress Evgenia and her friend mistress Sandra were unwinding when this guy tried to hit on them. He regretted it immediately as the mistresses turned him into a foot slave and they had fun humiliating him. They were ok before he came, but they had a great time when he got the scene and they had to humiliate him for fun. He wished he had never even looked their way.

Mistress Luisa is a pro at domination and this girl wanted to be taught how to be good at it. The mistress asked her to go to her house with a slave and she used the naked slave to teach the girl how to do it. It involve spitting on him as well as using him as a human ashtray. The girl learned quite fast and she impressed mistress Luisa.

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