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Lady Naomi and her boyfriend wanted to enjoy themselves. It had been a long time since they had time to themselves and had fun just the two of them. They both have busy schedules and they do not get time to be naughty like they love to and that is what they did today as they role played and had fun doing some naughty stuff that they had been wanting to do for some time.

Goddess Fiona did not have money to pay her rent. But then she remembered that she had a landlord who was trying to hit on her and she knew that she had found a way to have her rent paid without her paying a single coin. So she teased him and she ass smothered his face with her hot ass and that is how she paid her rent. It was an easy transaction for her.

Mistress Saeda did not like how horny this guy was. It was ok to be horny but he was too horny for her liking and she told him as much. And she wanted him to change. So she gave him a reason to change by forcing him to lie down and she trampled his dick with her high heels. She wanted him to learn from the pain he felt from her trampling.

Mistress Medea wanted this guy to talk and she knew that using pain and domination and torture would not make him do it as he was a seasoned pro. So she had to find a better way to do it. So she flirted with him and told him how she found him strong, hot and sexy. How he made her cream her panties. And she teased him in her lingerie. She got him to talk.

This mistress had been through a lot with her husband and she was not ready to endure it anymore. She had to teach him a lesson and so she did it in a cruel way. She cuckolded him and she had him see as she had wild sex with this stud and then when she was done, she divorced him. He had the shock of his life and he cried like a baby.

Mistress April wanted to find out whether this guy had what it took to work for her. She wanted people who had a high pain threshold and that is why she chose to strip him naked and whip him painfully to test his pain threshold. He was in a lot of pain as she whipped him but he braved it all and did not make a sound. She loved it and hired him instantly.

Mistress Cat wanted to improve her boxing skills so she had to train hard and she did. Her friends came to see how she did it and it so happened that this guy tried to mess with them and he ended up being turned into a punching bag by the mistresses and he was made to endure their punches which landed anywhere on his body. They were painful and indiscriminate.

Mistress Honey loves to tease and seduce guys for her own fun and she did so today when she had this guy watch as she played with her pussy on top of her underwear and she also teased him with her sexy feet. He was turned on and he was like putty in her hands. It did not take her long to get the guy to sleep with her like she wanted.

This brat was so entitled that he pissed the shit out of goddess Lohan. She had to find a way to dominate and humiliate him and after thinking long and hard, she settled on slapping the shit out of him, spitting into his mouth as well as using him as her human ashtray. The total sum of what she did to him put him in his place and he changed.

This mistress loves to get her feet pampered and today was not an exception. Since it was a weekend and she had nowhere else to be, she chose to read her book while her slave worked on her feet. She had him rub her feet and she enjoyed herself immensely and even fell asleep in the process as the rub and licking on her feet was so sensuous and relaxing.

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