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This guy got the chance to fuck goddess Fiona but he did not even make her cum. He was so poor in bed and he had a small dick that she could not help but imagine how she had wasted her time and how it was the worst fuck she had ever had. She had to salvage the situation and she did it by turning him into a foot slave. He had to lick her shoes and rub her feet.

Lady Naomi likes to keep time. She had an appointment with this guy but he was late and he did not even send apologies in advance to let her know that he would be late. So when he arrived, they finished what they were doing and then she punished him for wasting her time as she could not recover it. The mistress trampled him and choked him as she facesat on him.

Mistress Jeremy wanted to teach her boyfriend a lesson and to express how pissed she was at him. So she went out of her way to do what he had never seen before and this was to make him her foot slave. As her foot slave, she made him lick her feet as well as her shoes. She did not care how dirty or smelly they were. He had to do as told.

When mistress Gaia caught her slave naked in her house, she did not like it and she knew she had to do something to punish and humiliate him. So she went ahead to torture him. The mistress trampled his face with her bare feet before she asked him to suck her toes. She pulled his nipples and warned him against doing what he had done as she would torture him in a worst manner if he repeated his mistake.

Madame Marissa did not like how stubborn this slave was. He had to be dealt with so that he learned not to be stubborn to her. That is why the mistress went ahead to degrade the loser and make him do the kind of things that he had never experienced before. He was shocked as she had him lick and smell her stinky socks. He changed as he had no alternative.

Mistress Alexis had spent a lot of time and money on her nails and her boyfriend had stepped on her toes and ruined them. She was pissed and had to make him pay for it as well as be careful so that it did not happen again. And so she used her foot fetish to trample and humiliate him. She used her socks to trample his face and choke him a little.

Mistress Lea love to boot trample people who piss her off and ignore her instructions. This guy did it thinking he was trying to create boundaries but it ended up pissing her off and she punished him cruelly. He regretted what he had done but it was too late. And she used her boots to trample his bare back and teach him to always obey her. He never failed to from then on.

This guy was addicted to sex and lady Asmodina wanted to help him end his addiction or at the very least reduce it. So she trampled his balls and his dick using her sneakers. She wanted him to associate the pain with his addiction so that he would learn to stop unless he was in a loving relationship. She tried it a few times and then waited to see if it worked.

Mistress Alexis went out with this guy and she thought he would be funny but it turned out that he was not and their date was one of the most boring dates she had ever been to. She was pissed and in an effort to spice up her day as opposed to letting it end on a boring note, she turned him into her trampling slave and had fun at his expense.

Lady Fenja found out about ballbusting and naked domination the other day and she could not stop fantasizing about it. She had to do all those things and she felt that the best way to start was to dominate her slave who needed it to stay in shape. So she ballbusted him and she humiliated him while naked while pretending that she was doing it to encourage him to stay in shape.

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