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Mistress Alisha was made fun of by this guy and she used the very thing he had made of to punish him. She used her big ass which he had been joking about to make him cry and regret what he had done. The mistress had her ass licked and she farted on the loser. He was so humiliated that he wondered why he had bothered to make fun of her.

This couple had conned mistress Gaia of some money and she was not going to let them do it to someone else. And she also wanted her money back plus interest. She tried to ask for it politely but she was ignored. She laid a trap for them and she got them tied up after being stripped naked. She then used her whip to beat them up and get what she wanted from them.

Princess Bertie and her friend Joel had warned this guy not to meddle in their affairs but he thought he could do it and get away with it. The mistresses proved him wrong when they filled his face with spit. He was forced to endure the humiliation of it all and that was when he learned not to meddle in other people's affairs since they could cause problems for him.

This guy tried to strike a conversation with these mistresses. He had the view that if they responded positively, he would then get to smash both of them. But the mistresses had their own plan in mind. They played along until they got to their house where they pinched his nipples and humiliated him for their own fun. The guy was shocked that he had been played by the mistresses.

Princess Nicole is a naughty girl and she likes to do naughty things. Today she wanted to play with her boyfriend's dick. She did not want to fuck him but rather to play with it. So she made him lie down and she used her hands and other parts of her body to play with it without letting him penetrate her pussy. It was fun for her but frustrating for him.

Mistress Natasha wanted to achieve two things at the same time. She wanted to punish this loser and also have fun by humiliating him as well as by cumming as she facesat on him. The mistress choked him and pained him as she sat on his face. In addition, the mistress rubbed her clit on his face and came as she did it. The mistress managed to achieve her goal.

This mistress wanted to dominate this loser but she did not want it to be too obvious. She chose to tease him before she humiliated him. The mistress tortured him by trampling him and dominating him like he had never been dominated before. He had his head stomped and his balls busted and wished the nightmare would be over soon but it was just starting and he could do nothing to stop it.

Goddess Mel wanted to use something she had never used before to punish and torture this loser. The mistress used her cigarette to torture him and he was in a lot of pain as she turned him into a human ashtray. The mistress loved the way the loser was crying and begging her for mercy and she tortured him some more to make him do it even more for her enjoyment.

These mistresses are sportswomen. They are fit and are always in socks and sneakers. The mistresses were coming from their practice when they met this loser and he angered them. He was punished like he never expected. They used their sneakers to torture him. He was in a lot of pain and was made to learn his mistake and promise never to do it again. He agreed with all they told him.

Mistress Julia had watched her slave do things she had not asked him to do while ignoring him those which she had asked him to. She used her spit to dominate the guy as well as to make him lick her sweaty feet. Besides being sweaty, her feet were also dirty. The slave knew he was cornered and had to do each and everything that she told him to do.

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