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Madame Marissa had a score to settle with this guy and he did it with her high heels. He did not want anyone to make fun of her or to piss her off. She used her high heels to trample the guy and to make him regret what he had done. The mistress forced the guy to lick her high heels and when he was done, he had to endure being trampled by the same heels.

This guy was hired to do some work for mistress Nica and her friend. But he did not do that and he had to be punished. The mistress made sure that he learned his lesson the cruel way by trampling him as well as making him lick their feet. The mistresses forced him to lick their boots and they whipped him while he was naked as well. He never messed with them again.

Mistress Miki has a great ass and she also has a gorgeous feet. She used the feet and the ass to dominate this guy. She did it because she felt that she needed to humiliate the guy for what he had done to her. He had misjudged her and read her wrong. He thought he could mess with her but he realized he could not and that she could stand up for herself.

Mistress Khali is a cruel and crazy person when she means to be. She normally likes to keep to herself until one messes with her. This guy did and he found out her true colors and they were not pretty. The mistress used sneakers which were smelly to dominate him and he nearly choked and peed himself but he knew never to mess with her. She then trampled him for good measure.

Goddess Mel got to an understanding with this guy. He wanted to cum but he had a small dick. She wanted to have fun but she could not fuck him. So she had him lick her ass and he had to jerk off at the same time. The licking was for her and the jerk off was for him. They agreed on that and it was a win-win for both of them.

Mistress Saida was in a naughty mood but she did not want penetrative sex. So she told her boyfriend as much and he was shocked to hear that. But he knew how naughty she was and he wanted to experience what she had to offer. He teased her with her sexy butt and big tits and in no time, he was horny. Then she went on to make him cum by giving him jerk off instructions.

Goddess Harley had an ill-mannered slave and she felt that that was not what she wanted and that is why she had to dominate him. He was to change on his own and she had given him time to do it but he did not do it. She had to come up with a way to humiliate him and she did. This was done by trampling him with her boots and the pain made him change his bad behavior.

Mistress Luisa was not happy with her business associate because she had lost money courtesy of him and she did not feel like he cared or that he was making any real effort towards getting her money back or even at the very least ensuring she would not lose anymore money again. So she punished him by whipping him and also turning him into a foot slave. He never messed again.

Mistress April had tried non-painful means to get her slave to learn his lesson but he never seemed to learn anything which led her to believe that her methods were ineffective. So she had to make him change his behavior and she did this using her pee, her ass, her pussy and her whip. He had to drink her pee, lick her ass and pussy as well as endure whips while he was tied and naked.

Goddess Alaine wanted this guy to learn that failure to keep time for her was a huge offense and that she would not tolerate it. And that is why she chose to dominate him as cruelly as she could and she went ahead to make him regret not keeping time. He cried as she had him lick and smell her shoes and her stockings but he could not do nothing besides crying.

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