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Mistress Valentine was interested in doing things differently. She did not like how this loser had been doing bad things. She wanted him to change the way he did things and since he had refused to do that on his own, she had to intervene and force him to do things the way she wanted him to. So she used crush fetish and trampled him with heels to achieve her goal.

Madame Marissa needed to punish this loser and she did it in the worst way possible. She used her saliva to do it because she wanted to degrade the loser even as she punished him. He was horrified at what she did to him but he was glad it was not painful. He, however, knew that he did not have room to mess up again if he wanted to avoid her punishments.

Mistress Suzy did not like what she had seen from this guy and she had to torture him to express her dissatisfaction. The mistress did not want him making light of the situation so she did what she considered the next best thing which was to trample him. The mistress used her bare feet to dominate him and to choke him. He peed his pants as she dominated him cruelly.

This mistress did not like how nasty this guy was. He was a nasty person and she did not want anything to do with him. To make sure he learned his lesson and he changed for the better, the mistress chose to teach him a lesson and do it as cruelly as she could. The mistress crushed his nuts as well as his face and chest as she punished him.

This guy did not know that mistress Alisha enjoys dominating and torturing guys for fun. That is what she did today as she was bored and she wanted to have a little bit of fun. The mistress felt that dominating the guy was her best chance at having fun so she facesat on him and she made him lick her ass and smell it as well. He nearly choked doing that.

Mistress Astra was bored and she did not feel this guy's vibe. He insisted on doing things with her but she was not in the mood. She just wanted to listen to music and chill. So she got her headphones out and she listened to some music from her phone as she used her feet to trample his face and to make him lick her feet as well as her socks.

Lady Stefanie found out about spit fetish and she loved it. She perfected the art and she used it to make money for her college tuition. She was dedicated and she outdid her peers and she managed to make enough money for her to go to college without any issues. But the mistress became addicted and even after college she could not leave it to go and do something else.

Princess Nicole had never had a threesome before in her life and she was dying to try it. So today she flirted with these two guys and she got to fuck both of them. But she had not told them it would be a threesome. She let them found out before they were about to start. The guy did not mind and she had fun trying all threesome styles she had seen and to do things she had never imagined were possible. Long story short, they were all satisfied with what went down.

This mistress learned that it was this guy who had beaten up her husband. They had had a disagreement and they fought. He beat up her husband and she was not going to let him do that to her man and get away with it. She was a better fighter than her man but he did not know. So she went to the guy and she used her fighting skills on him. She tied him up and tortured him with her slaps and her kicks too.

Mistress Melissa chose to dominate this guy. She did it because he deserved to be humiliated as he had wronged her. But what the guy did not know was that she was also horny and she wanted to cum. So she combined the two and she facesat on him as humiliation but also rubbed her clit on his face until she came. She managed to do both the things she wanted to do.

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