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Mistress Kelly wanted to have her slave learn to do things the right way and she did it by forcing her slave to lick her flip flops. She ensured they were dirty before they were licked. Her slave was shocked and he nearly cried but he realized she meant it and he knew he had no alternative than to do what the mistress wanted him to do. That is what saved him.

Mistress Mini and mistress Nikki wanted to try something they had never tried before on this guy. The mistresses chose to use ballbusting to deal with the guy and they did it by kicking him in the nuts. He was in a lot of pain but they did not do it for free and that was the good thing about it for him. He felt a lot of pain but they paid him for it.

Madame Marissa did not want to listen to anyone who did not do his fair share. This slave was lazy and when he wanted favors from her, he remined her of how lazy she was and she did not wait any longer to punish him. The mistress cruelly did it and she made sure to start with hand trampling him so that he learned how to make use of his hands properly.

This married man never knew how to keep it in his pants and he loved to cheat on his wife. In fact, he had made it a sort of hobby. Today he wanted these mistresses but mistress BlackDiamoond and her friends lady Dora and mistress Van Licks did not want to deal with him. When he insisted, they turned him into a human trampoline and had fun torturing and humiliating him.

Lady Jassmin was pissed to learn that this guy was largely useless to her and she did not like that about him. The mistress had to dominate him and she did it with her feet by turning him into a foot slave and smothering him with her feet. She was going for both pain and humiliation and she managed to pull it off. The guy learned that he could not continue down that path and so he had to change.

Mistress Reell wanted to humiliate this guy and she did it on video. She wanted to catch it all on tape because she wanted to use it to tease and blackmail him every once in a while. She also wanted to use the footage to scare others into submission because they would not want her to do the same to them. And the mistress was largely successful in that regard.

This mistress does not take betrayal kindly. When this slave betrayed her, she had to show him what she was capable of as well as what happened to people like him. She tied him up while he was naked and she used her high heels and her hands to ballbust him. Her hands squeezed his nuts and her high heels kicked his nuts and his dick for additional pain. He never betrayed anyone else after that.

When these guys thought that they could con this mistress and then intimidate her into doing nothing about it since they were two, they ended up making a huge blunder and pissing her off like never before. And being great at wrestling and fighting, she beat them at the same time, tied them up and kicked their balls until they gave her back what they had conned her and had to promise to stop being conmen.

This mistress knew that this guy would not pay attention until she did something extreme to him. That is why she did not hesitate to choke him with her bare feet as well as a latex bad. She had him insert his head into it and she had him lick her feet in the process making it hard for him to take in the little air that was in the latex.

Lady Joana did not want to have a scared slave and that is why she chose to use her trampling prowess to teach him a lesson he needed to be taught. The mistress cruelly threw him down and she trampled him with her bare feet. He was in pain as she did it to him all over his body. He promised her he would do something about his strength and being scared.

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