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This mistress felt that this guy did not believe that she had any strength. To him, she was not scary so he did what he wanted around her. But she wanted to change the narrative so she did what she has never done before and she used her boots to trample him and make him cry like a baby. He did not believe she was capable of that but he learned his lesson.

Lady Rosalina did not like this guy because he had bad breath. She had tried to hint that he needed to do something about his breath but he did not seem to take any hint. So she had to be blunt about it and so she used her stinky feet to dominate him. She had him lick them and when he told her they were smelly, she told him so was his mouth.

Goddess Yasemin did not like this guy and she did not want him looking for her to hang out. So she used her saliva to humiliate him as she knew after that he would not look for her. The mistress had him lick her saliva and drink some of it after she had collected it in a small bowl. He was shocked and never looked for her again after what she did to him.

Mistress Lea did not want to tolerate her slave's lazy habits so she did what she does best and she trampled his hands. When she was done, she asked him to place his dick on the surface for her to trample it as well because she wanted him to feel pain and to know that she was serious in her quest to make him change. He changed as she wanted.

Lady Asmodina had her own private forest but she was not selling her trees yet. When she was walking around to see how they were doing, she met this lumberjack trying to secretly cut some of her trees. She was pissed and she stripped him naked and she forced him to lie down as she trampled him and made him lick her muddy boots. He never tried that nonsense again.

This mistress was in a naughty mood and she wanted to test her husband. Since she was naked and her big, round and firm titties were out and her sexy ass was showing, he was already turned on and was like putty in her hands. So she asked him to lick her feet and her socks and the guy did it without understanding why she wanted them licked in the first place.

Mistress Saida and her friend mistress Kennya wanted this guy to learn to obey them and do things they asked them to do. So the mistresses used their feet to dominate them. And they did it together at the same time for the humiliation to be top notch. The humiliated guys tried to fight back but found out that their girls had martial arts skills and they whooped their asses. The guys had to lick soles and do other humiliating things for the entertainment of their girls.

Mistress Roxanne felt that her boyfriend was too lazy for her liking. So as she drank her beer, she teased him a little bit and she removed her clothes before she facesat on him and she made him lick her ass, smell her farts and choke as she did those things to him. He feared her and she used that fear to have him make the kind of changes she wanted.

This mistress and her boyfriend had agreed on some chores before they had sex. After they were done, she realized that he had tricked her so that he would have sex. She got pissed and while she cooked, she had him lie down and she trampled him. He was in pain and he regretted why he had lied to her. He wanted to do the chores but she told him not to. He had to be her human carpet.

Mistress Alexandra wanted this guy to buy for her some expensive gifts. She wanted designer clothes and shoes and she knew that it would take some convincing to get him to buy them for her. So the mistress did some naughty stuff with the guy and introduced him to some stuff he had never done before such as 69. He had a great time and she got what she wanted.

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