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Mistresses Julia, Joel and Mimi were new in this neighborhood and they did not want any trouble with the local bullies. They tried to avoid any trouble but it followed them. They took the leader of the largest gang and they tortured him. He was degraded with a lot of spit and they took a video of it and they sent it to the others to let them know never to mess with them.

Mistress Gaia had a fling with this girl when she was going through an experimental stage but she was dismayed to learn that the girl was a loudmouth and she could not keep quiet about it. The mistress was so pissed that she punished her so that she could keep quiet and not talk about affairs which she felt were private and had to be kept private at all costs.

Madame Marissa was pissed off by this guy. He was a petty neighbor and she did not want any part of his pettiness. She tried to avoid him but he always had a reason to piss her off. Today she could not take it anymore and she punished him. She unleashed all her past frustrations on him and she crushed his face with her ass and choked him. He never bothered her again.

Mistress Natasha wanted to dominate this loser so she did it cruelly. The mistress did not need a reason to torture this loser. All she needed was to want it and it had to be done. It did not matter that he had not pissed her off or done anything else to piss her off. She brushed her teeth and she spat into his mouth as she sat on his stomach.

This girl sabotaged princess Deh and mistress Sonia. The two of them did not want to go easy on the guy. The mistresses wanted to make sure things worked the way they wanted and that is why chose to torture her so as to avoid future sabotage as well as get her to make amends for what she had done. It was brutal but it was what was needed to get results.

Goddess Lena felt that her slave was too idle and she wanted to give him something to do. And since there was no work to do in the house, she kept him busy with her feet. She told him to lick her feet and he did it. The mistress told him to do it for hours on end and the poor guy could not even turn his head. All he did was lick her feet and suck her toes.

Mistress Valeria wanted her stinky feet licked and she chose this guy to do it. The mistress did not care that the guy had not done anything to deserve the cruel treatment she put him through. She sat back, scared the shit out of him with her words and then made him lick her feet. He did not want to experience any of her torture so he did what she told him.

Princess Adelaide wanted to use her massive ass to smother this guy because she wanted to have a little fun as she did it. The mistress smothered him and bounced her ass up and down his face. In addition, the mistress farted on him and he could not breathe for a little while. It was so stinky that he had to hold his breath so that it can go away.

Mistress Nica wanted someone who knew what he was doing in her farm. This guy had told her of all the experience she had but it turned out he was lazy and he did not know what he was doing. He ignored her advice and took shortcuts. She did not want to lose money on her farming business so she punished him and she did it cruelly by ballbusting him with her boots.

Mistress Suzy wanted to dominate this loser with her feet so she got him to lie down and she crushed his upper body with her feet and she made it as cruel and as painful as she could possibly make it. It was a lot of fun for the mistress but it was torture for him and he cried out and tried to beg her to let her go but she ignored him.

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