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Goddess Vivienne tied up her slave in cling film and she went head to torture and trample him like he had never been trampled before. The mistress laughed at him as he had a funny expression on his face. The mistress knew he had never had such a punishment in his life as he cried like a baby and begged her for mercy. She had to stop because he peed himself.

Mistress Lana did not like how her husband had forgotten her birthday. Last year he had remembered it but forgotten their anniversary and she was not happy either. She had forgiven him but she was not about to do the same this time. So she made him her foot slave and his punishment was to lick her socks and her bare feet which she had conveniently made dirty for that purpose.

This guy lied to mistress Astra that he was single and yet he was married and even had kids. She did not want to break up his family so she broke up with him but after she had punished him for what he did. The mistress choked him with her stinky socks as she used them to cover his mouth and also trample him. She did not even pay attention to his cries or apologies.

Mistress Gaia and her friend had been hired to entertain this guy and his guests. They danced for them and even arranged for a DJ and other types of entertainment. But the guy did not pay them what they had agreed on. He tried some bullshit that they did not do the entertainment to his expectations. The mistresses did not talk. They just turned him into a foot slave and had him lick their boots and trampled him painfully. He gave them the rest of the money.

Mistress Fox knew this girl was good at classwork and she needed to party but also be able to do her assignments. So she tried to make an arrangement with this girl so that whenever she did not have time to do her assignments, the girl would do them for her. She refused and mistress Fox had to make her agree. She did so by agreeing to pay her and also trampling and turning her into a foot slave.

Mistress Natasha does not like bad mannered slaves. She had a new one and he had poor table manners. He chewed his food noisily and he chewed with his mouth open. He also talked while eating and chewing and she did not like it. So she used her shoes and bare feet to trample his hands and make him change while promising significantly worse and painful punishments if he did not change within a day.

Mistress Gaia is not one to mess with and hope to get away with it as this loser came to find out. When he messed up with her, she took out her strapon, wore it as she ordered him to strip and then she mouth fucked him. After she was done with his mouth, she got started on his ass and she made him scream as he had never felt that sort of pain before.

Mistress Astra was tired of having to warn this guy not to mess with her all the time. He was used to it and was a sort of bully. But today she got fed up with him and she punished him. And she used foot domination to do it as she went on reading her magazine. She made it look easy but it was not and it was her first time.

Goddess Lena had heard about foot fetishism but she had never really understood what exactly it was all about. Today she had the time so she explored it further and the more she dug, the more she liked. That is how she managed to find herself with a loser who she had a great time dominating. And she did it like a pro even though it was her first time.

Mistress Lena wanted to celebrate an achievement she had accomplished but her way of doing so was weird. She celebrated by torturing this guy and she did it for fun and to dominate and humiliate him. The mistress went ahead and spat on her feet and then forced the guy to lick her feet as well as other parts of his body. He did so and was degraded even as she had fun.

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