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Madame Marissa and her friend took a walk barefoot and when they came back, they found their slave sniffing their underwear. They were pissed at his perverted behavior and they punished him. He was turned into a foot slave and made to lick their dirty bare feet. He tried to talk his way out of it and explain himself but the mistresses were not interested in anything he had to say.

Lady Amy wanted her employees to deliver. She did not want sideshows. She chose to use her smelly feet to punish those who did not deliver. She made them smell her stockings and when they were done with the stockings, she had them lick her high heels. She wanted to send a clear message that mediocrity would not be entertained. Their performances improved after she humiliated them using her foot worship.

Mistress Suzy was not happy with what her slave had done. She had to teach him a lesson and she did it in a crazy way. She trampled him and she stomped on him. She used her boots to do it and she even gagged him using her bare feet. He was in a lot of pain and he was scared shitless as he had never seen her do anything like that before.

Mistress Natasha does not like lazy slaves and her new one was. She had to use a cruel method to punish him so that he learned to be hardworking. She chose to make him lick her high heels. When he was done, she got him to open his mouth and she used it as her ashtray. He was humiliated and he felt pain but she did not care what he felt.

Lady Shay found out that her slave had done the work she gave him poorly and she was angry. She had to punish him so she used her sneakers and her saliva to do it. She spat on some mud and she waded on it using her sneakers and then used the sneakers to punish her slave. He had to know that she would not tolerate such behavior from him.

Mistress Gaia likes smart students. This one was not. She had tried her best to make him improve but he did not. She invited her friend today and they both punished him. He was made to undress and they choked him, whipped him and di all sorts of humiliating things to him. He was so humiliated and in a lot of pain that he resolved to do better in his studies.

Mistress Catherine wanted a new slave. So she held auditions. She narrowed down to this one and he had a final test to go through. She asked him to lick the soles of her sneakers and then her bare feet. She liked the zeal with which he did what she asked him to do. When he was done, the mistress had no choice but to hire him the spot.

Lady Stefanie had installed CCTV cameras all over her house. She did it to monitor what her slave did in the house while she was not around. She was shocked at some of the things he did and she was so pissed at him that she cruelly kicked him in the nuts when she came home and she asked him but he denied. She told him all she had seen but she did not tell him there were cameras.

Madame Marissa reached home and she found her slave masturbating in front of the TV while watching porn. She was so angry at him. She wondered where he got the audacity to that in her house. He did not even have the decency to do it in his room. She stomped on him with her boots and crushed his nuts as well as his chest before she made him lick the boots.

This mistress wanted to torture this guy but she did not want to do it with her hands of any part of her body. So she took some candles and she placed them on his body and she lit them. She let the hot candle wax drip on his body. He was humiliated and degraded but there was nothing he could do about it. He cried as it fell on his face and on his balls but the mistress ignored him.

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