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This mistress did not mind what this guy did. Not even jerking off. But when she found him jerking off in the kitchen, she had to punish him so that it did not happen again. She wondered why he did not use his head to know where do masturbate and where not to do it. She did not expect him to do it in her bedroom, in the living room and in the kitchen. So she trampled his dick to send a message.

Lady Fenja and her man started to make good money and it had the opposite effects on them especially their bodies. She grew finer and took care of herself. But he let go of himself and grew fat and out of shape. She tried to make him work out but he did not. And as he continued to grow fat, she had to do something. She slapped and trampled him to make him work out.

Mistress Ava does not like people who obtain money through illegal means. This guy was one such person and the mistress did not like it. She had to punish the guy as he had tried to blackmail him. She crushed his balls with her bare feet by stomping on it and when she was done, she sat on his balls. The pain was out of this world but he needed it.

Goddess Allie wanted to try something she had never tried before. She got a guy who had a thing for her big ass and she smothered his ass as sexily as she could. The guy had the time of his life and he could not hold it back. He came as explosively as he was able to and he could not believe what had happened. But she knew it would.

This guy was masturbating but he was too loud. The volume on his television was loud and so was his moaning as he masturbated. The mistresses did not like it and they told him to tone things down a little bit as not everyone found it interesting. He ignored them but that was a mistake as he was trampled and choked as well as ball crushed for continuing with his loud and weird behaviors.

This mistress felt that this guy did not believe that she had any strength. To him, she was not scary so he did what he wanted around her. But she wanted to change the narrative so she did what she has never done before and she used her boots to trample him and make him cry like a baby. He did not believe she was capable of that but he learned his lesson.

Lady Rosalina did not like this guy because he had bad breath. She had tried to hint that he needed to do something about his breath but he did not seem to take any hint. So she had to be blunt about it and so she used her stinky feet to dominate him. She had him lick them and when he told her they were smelly, she told him so was his mouth.

Goddess Yasemin did not like this guy and she did not want him looking for her to hang out. So she used her saliva to humiliate him as she knew after that he would not look for her. The mistress had him lick her saliva and drink some of it after she had collected it in a small bowl. He was shocked and never looked for her again after what she did to him.

Mistress Lea did not want to tolerate her slave's lazy habits so she did what she does best and she trampled his hands. When she was done, she asked him to place his dick on the surface for her to trample it as well because she wanted him to feel pain and to know that she was serious in her quest to make him change. He changed as she wanted.

Lady Asmodina had her own private forest but she was not selling her trees yet. When she was walking around to see how they were doing, she met this lumberjack trying to secretly cut some of her trees. She was pissed and she stripped him naked and she forced him to lie down as she trampled him and made him lick her muddy boots. He never tried that nonsense again.

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