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Princess Mini did not like how her cousin looked at her suggestively. She felt like he was undressing her with his eyes and she knew he wanted to have sex with her. She was not going to let him continue having such thoughts so she put an end to that by smothering him with her ass and choking him in the process. He cried and told her he had learned his lesson.

This mistress had nothing against the guy she was torturing. All she was interested in was to torture and it did not matter to her who she did it. It was the act she was interested in and she wanted to record herself doing it so that she could enjoy it at a later date. So the mistress trampled and crushed this loser after she had lured her to her house and she did not care what the loser felt as she trampled her.

This mistress did not like the way this girl was looking at her. She was suspicious and so the mistress laid a trap for her and she caught her. Then she dominated and humiliated her cruelly like she had never been humiliated before. The mistress even turned her into a human dog and she had her lick and smell her ass. By the time she was done with her, the girl had told her all she needed to know.

Mistress Jardena took off her clothes and she flaunted her ass and turned on her boyfriend like never before. He loved her ass and it did not take long for him to get turned on. But she tied him and he could not touch her. She went ahead to rub her ass and her pussy on his face and even choked him as she covered his face with her ass. He cried and begged her to let him fuck her but she did not. She left him high and dry.

Lady Domi and lady Kimi had a new slave but after a few days with him, they felt that he was a loser and they did not want anything to do with him. The mistresses felt that the slave would not add any value to them so they spat on him, humiliated him and when they felt it was enough for them, they chased him away and initiated the process of getting a new one.

Goddess Kiffa wanted to punish her husband so that he respected boundaries and that he stopped meddling in her affairs. So the mistress cruelly turned him into her foot slave and she also made him rub her feet as she relaxed and chatted on phone. The mistress told her man that that would be the modus operandi if he did not change his ways. He did not want that so he changed.

Lady Rockabella was heartbroken to learn that her friend was a backstabber. She confronted her and she was so shocked that lady Rockabella had found out about it that she was tongue tied. The mistress went ahead to use her cigarette to torture her friend and turn her into a human ashtray. And when she was done torturing her, she chased her away and that is how their friendship ended.

Mistress Rissa crushed this slave's face because she wanted to find out how good he was at dealing with pain. And she did not even stand on his face which would have made it even more painful. All she did was to sit down and then squeeze her feet on his face. He cried and she knew he was a sissy as she had not done something to make him cry in her opinion.

Lady Phoenix did not like how untidy her boyfriend was. She spoke to him and he agreed to change but he did not do it. She was so frustrated with him that she snapped the next time he was untidy. She face and head crushed him so painfully that he had to learn his lesson the hard way. The mistress did it with her bare feet and she made it a painful affair.

Mistress Nica had tolerated this slave enough and she felt it was now time to do her thing on him. She had to teach him the things he had refused to teach himself. And that is why she tied him up and she hoisted his legs up leaving her ass open for her to work on. And she fisted him cruelly in the ass. It was pain he had never felt before.

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