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Mistress Cat wanted to improve her boxing skills so she had to train hard and she did. Her friends came to see how she did it and it so happened that this guy tried to mess with them and he ended up being turned into a punching bag by the mistresses and he was made to endure their punches which landed anywhere on his body. They were painful and indiscriminate.

Mistress Honey loves to tease and seduce guys for her own fun and she did so today when she had this guy watch as she played with her pussy on top of her underwear and she also teased him with her sexy feet. He was turned on and he was like putty in her hands. It did not take her long to get the guy to sleep with her like she wanted.

This brat was so entitled that he pissed the shit out of goddess Lohan. She had to find a way to dominate and humiliate him and after thinking long and hard, she settled on slapping the shit out of him, spitting into his mouth as well as using him as her human ashtray. The total sum of what she did to him put him in his place and he changed.

This mistress loves to get her feet pampered and today was not an exception. Since it was a weekend and she had nowhere else to be, she chose to read her book while her slave worked on her feet. She had him rub her feet and she enjoyed herself immensely and even fell asleep in the process as the rub and licking on her feet was so sensuous and relaxing.

This guy was ready to fuck the brains out of mistress Madison but she had other plans. She chose to sit on his face and have fun at his expense instead of sitting on his dick. She had him lick and smell her ass and then her pussy and she got to cum even as he choked. But he did not get to cum himself as she did not fuck him.

This mistress came up with a genius way to disarm this guy and dominate him without much resistance. She did not even bother to tie him as she was naked. He could not resist watching her hot ass and that is when she trampled him. He was in pain and humiliated but he still wanted to check out her ass and even wanted to touch it. He wanted to do the same thing to her pussy.

This mistress loves to walk around naked in her bedroom and her slave came to know that and he loved to peep on her to check out and admire her hot body especially her boobs and her ass and pussy. Today she caught him doing it and she did not even bother to get dressed as he had seen her naked. Instead, she used her facesitting fetish to crush his face and smother him before she trampled him.

This guy got the chance to fuck goddess Fiona but he did not even make her cum. He was so poor in bed and he had a small dick that she could not help but imagine how she had wasted her time and how it was the worst fuck she had ever had. She had to salvage the situation and she did it by turning him into a foot slave. He had to lick her shoes and rub her feet.

Lady Naomi likes to keep time. She had an appointment with this guy but he was late and he did not even send apologies in advance to let her know that he would be late. So when he arrived, they finished what they were doing and then she punished him for wasting her time as she could not recover it. The mistress trampled him and choked him as she facesat on him.

Mistress Jeremy wanted to teach her boyfriend a lesson and to express how pissed she was at him. So she went out of her way to do what he had never seen before and this was to make him her foot slave. As her foot slave, she made him lick her feet as well as her shoes. She did not care how dirty or smelly they were. He had to do as told.

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