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Lady Scarlet was shocked when her friend hit on her. She knew that they were just friends and so it came as a surprise when he hit on her. She could not imagine sleeping with him and so the mistress had him lick her feet and her dirty boots in order to humiliate him a little and in so doing, get him back to his senses. It worked and he never tried it again.

Mistress Maria wanted her husband to lick her as well as she sucked him. She did not like his current skills but she knew that by the time she was done with him, he would be a pro. That is why she used her feet to teach him. He had to lick her feet and suck her toes. By the time he was done doing it to her satisfaction, he would have graduated.

Mistress Alexandra wanted this guy not to piss her off. She felt that he had been too much and so she had to do something about it. But before she punished him, she had to warn him first and she did it with her bare feet which were dirty at the time. She told him that he would be made to lick her dirty feet if he did not stop messing with her.

This guy was a neighbor to mistress Jane and queen Hanna. He always wanted to hang out with them but the mistresses did not find him interesting so they did not want to hang out with him. That is why when he became too much for them, they had him lick and smell their feet which were dirty. That is how he avoided them and they got the peace they wanted.

This guy was full of inappropriate behaviors and mistress Reell was not going to keep quiet and let him mess up. So she used her boots to trample the shit out of him. He was in pain as he was totally naked as she trampled him and he cried but his cries did nothing to make her stop what she was doing to him. She only let him go when she got tired.

Mistress Felicity did not want anyone's unsolicited opinions and she felt that she had to punish this guy for his. She went ahead to dominate the guy with her ass as she facesat on him and told him that he had to learn to shut up and not offer unsolicited opinions and advice or else he would find himself in trouble. He promised not to do it again and he kept his word.

Mistress Gaia and her friends wanted to torture this guy by tickling him so they stripped him naked and they tied him up while he was standing. They then tickled him all over his body and enjoyed torturing him. The mistresses had fun seeing how he laughed until he cried and he peed on himself. He nearly shit on himself before the mistresses stopped tickling him and let him go.

Mistress Nicole and mistress Michelle caught this girl peeping on them as they had their fun. They did not like that behavior and felt that they had to humiliate her so that she learned to approach people instead of peeping. They had her lick their feet while they made out and had great sex. She was mighty turned on but was left high and dry as punishment for her peeping.

Mistress Angelina asked this guy to represent her in a meeting and clearly state her position. But the guy misrepresented her position and she was angry as he could have easily asked her or clarified from her before he did anything. So she punished him and she did it by trampling and stomping on him with her bare feet. She did it all over his body for added pain and humiliation.

Madam Tulpan was being hit on by her friend's husband. He loved her hot body, her curves, her tits and how she carried herself. She also had a naughty vibe to her. But she told him she could not sleep with him because he was married to her friend. He tried to insist but she instead turned him into a foot slave and had him lick her feet and suck her toes.

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