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Mistress Lilly does not believe that respect is earned. For her, it is demanded and it is her right especially from those who are under her. This loser did not know that and he tried to disrespect her. She used her bare feet to discipline him and make him realize that respecting her was for his own good. After he understood that, the two of them never had any other problem.

Goddess Lena had tried painless encouragement to get results but it did not seem to work. There were no results to see from it and she was pissed as this loser needed to be punished in order to do the right thing. The mistress was not going to allow it to happen so she used her high heels to trample the guy and get whatever message she wanted passed across.

Goddess Yasemin is a faithful girlfriend and there is nothing that can make her cheat on her man. Even today as she was bored and she contemplated trying something crazy for fun, she knew it would not lead to her cheating. So she used her hot butt to tease this guy and when she was done teasing him, she denied him. It was for her fun and not for the fun he thought was going to happen.

Mistress Gioia had contracted this guy to do some work for her but she did not like how he behaved and what he did. The mistress chose to force him to do the work faster. To this end, the mistress used her boots to trample his hands. It was very painful but it sent the kind of message she wanted to send to him and the guy improved his speed.

Mistress Larissa wanted to torture her slave and she did it in a cruel manner. After she was done using him as her human ashtray, the mistress made him chew a cigarette. He was surprised as he had never been asked to do anything like that before but he knew he could not say no since it would be a ticket to further punishment from the mistress who was pissed at her.

Madame Marissa appreciates people who are forthright. But this girl was not. She was a backstabber and when the mistress realized this, she had to do something about it because she did not want to be in the company of such people. So she trampled him with her bare feet as well as with her shoes while she told her what she had found out about her. She was so embarrassed that she could not even defend herself.

Mistress Lena wanted to disgust and punish her slave as cruelly as she was able to. She did not think doing so would be fun. She thought it would just be effective at humiliating and punishing her slave but nothing much for her. She was however surprised when she enjoyed watching him lick the soles of her boots and doing other nasty things she asked him to do as punishment.

Mistress Astra used her stinky socks to send a message to her boyfriend. The mistress was not ok with how he acted and she had to make sure he changed tact and did things how she wanted him to do them. She got him to lick her socks as well as her bare feet and when she was done with him, he had learned a crucial lesson and changed like she wanted.

Mistress Alisha did not like how her boyfriend demanded food from her. He knew where the kitchen was and if he wanted food, he either had to wait for her to cook or he could cook it himself. The mistress did not want to encourage him to do that nonsense again so she took him to the kitchen and she trampled him there and told him to learn to cook for himself or to wait for her to do it.

Mistress Gaia did not want to waste time feuding with a local gang. She therefore took their leader hostage and she cruelly trampled and stomped on him with her heels while he was naked. She then recorded a message with the rest of them and she told them she did not want any problems with them but if they did not take her peace offer, there would be hell to pay.

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