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Mistress Lola did not find it funny that this slave was always horny and she felt that it was important for him to change and focus on other things and not on porn and sex all the time. She stripped him naked and she forced him to endure painful butt whipping and spanking. As the pain got to him, he realized that it was easier to avoid it by doing what she asked him to.

Lady Fenja needed her boyfriend to workout for his own good but he did not do it and felt that she was nagging him. So she slapped the shit out of him, undressed him and she also forced him to endure painful whips on his back and his ass until he agreed to workout as she wanted him to. He did not want to feel that pain again so he worked out.

While mistress Khali was enjoying her weed, this sissy kept disturbing her and it got to a point she could not ignore him. She turned on him and she made him her human ashtray. He wanted attention and now she gave it to him. But it was not in the form he wanted it and he started crying and begging her to stop. She ignored him and went on smoking, chatting with her friends and using him as an ashtray.

Mistress Nica and mistress Kristin had an issue with this DJ because they had paid him but he did not deliver. He failed them and they had to punish him. The punishment came swiftly and it was to ensure he never did that again. He was made to endure being a human ashtray as well as a spit slave. They threatened to ballbust him but did not do it. They promised to ballbust him if he did not change.

Mistress Izaura felt that this girl was disrespectful to people even though not to her directly. The mistress did not like what the girl had done and said to an old couple in the building. So she looked for a few neighbors and they took turn to punish her and teach her to be respectful to everyone. She learned her lesson and she never made the same mistake after that punishment.

This mistress was horny and she wanted to cum. She met this guy who also wanted a piece of her but she was not willing to fuck him. So she had him lick her ass and her pussy. As he did so, the mistress used her feet and her hands to jerk him off and that is how she got him to cum. She had also came just before him.

Mistress Natasha felt that her boyfriend was taking her for granted and since he had no changed ever since she raised the issue, she felt that the easiest thing to do to him was to use him as her foot slave and then dumped him. She did not want to continue being with such a person. That is how he learned to cherish what he had before it went away.

When this mistress messed with the wrong mistresses, he had to learn his lesson so that whatever he had done would not be repeated. The mistresses learned that he was playing them and they immediately put an end to that nonsense. He was forced to endure ballbusting and humiliation as they trampled the hell out of him and forced him to lick their feet before they were done with him.

This mistress tricked her colleague to go with her to a secret place and he agreed. But on getting there, he realized it was a set up as the mistress turned on him and she dominated him with her high heels. She even waded in mud and made him lick them and before he was done with her, the mistress crushed the guy with the same boots from head to toe.

This mistress was tired of trying to persuade this girl to do the right thing. The mistress felt that it was ok for her to punish the girl and she did it with her riding boots. And to make it worse, she did it to a naked girl so that it would be even more painful for him. He regretted why he had not listened to her and knew he had to change.

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