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Mistress Nyx wanted to show her man how crazy she was. She knew that she was not going to be taken for granted if she made sure that her man experienced what she was capable of. So the mistress wore her big boots and she used them to trample as well as smother him with them. He also had to suck a huge strapon the mistress wore. Thereafter, he felt i t was enough.

Mistress Julia felt that her slave was taking advantage of her and she had to punish him as cruelly as he had never been dominated before. The mistress used her trampling fetish to do it and she not only managed to humiliate the guy, but she also enjoyed how he licked her feet and her socks. She told him she had more to do to him if he did not change.

When this guy lied, he did not know that he had lied to the wrong person and that he would soon regret what he had done. She forced him to lie down and she crushed and trampled him with her high heels. When his friend tried to go to his rescue, the two of them were humiliated and tortured together at the same time by the angry and pissed mistress.

This guy angered the wrong mistresses and he regretted it almost instantly. The mistresses trampled him cruelly but that was not all. They wanted to do more to him and they did this by forcing him to lick their feet as well as endure being ballbusted. He regretted pissing the mistresses off and he had to learn his lesson and do things the right way. They then let him go after he promised never to do it again.

Mistress Isabele had to torture this girl because she was rude and full of herself. And yet, she wanted to be her friend. So she chose to first of all humiliate and punish her in order to deal with the attitude, rudeness and her being full of herself. When she was done with him, she observed her to check whether she had changed so that she would determine whether to befriend her or not.

Mistress Roberta had to look for an excuse in order to trample this new slave. She did it because she wanted to send him a message that she would not tolerate anyone messing with her and she also wanted to try something she had never tried which was to trample someone and especially on his face. And that is how he had fun at the expense of the guy and achieved her goal.

Mistress Adreena wanted to toughen up this guy and she did it with her trampling fetish. The mistress knew that he was lazy and would not work himself hard so she took up the role of making him toughen up and she trampled him until he got used to it then she let him go and weightlift and do other sorts of gym exercises. The plan worked as she had envisioned it.

Mistress Iside was fired for a mistake she had not made and she felt that it was grossly unfair. She was not going to let it slide and so she made her peace with the firing but she had to punish her boss. She did so using her high heels and her feet. She asked her best friend to help her to do it and they found her ex boss with his friend and they punished both of them by making them lick their soles and endure being trampled.

Mistress Cassandra and mistress Kira did not like what this employee had done. He had shown up in the office drunk and they did not want him to be a bad influence to the others and so the mistresses cruelly smothered him with their feet and with their asses to make him learn that he was never allowed to do that again and if he did, he would be punished and fired.

Mistress Roxanne has a hot ass. She knows it and so she used it as bait to smother this guy. She knew that if she flaunted it to him, he would not be able to say no to her. And so he was ensnared and he let her smother him and humiliate him but he did not know he was being humiliated. He thought that they were having fun.

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