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Lady Asmodina does not give a fuck what someone else feels. If she has chosen to punish a guy, she will do it to the best of her ability and will not care what the receiving party feels. That is why it was easier for her to torture this loser using her boots. She did it because she knew he would do nothing about it and he stood to learn a lot.

This mistress hates people with snobbish behavior and holier than thou attitudes. This guy was one of them and the minute the mistress found out, she disliked him and knew she wanted nothing to do with him. So she trampled and stomped him so as to show him that he needed to change. She realized and was shocked that no one had ever told him that before as he was shocked by what she did to him.

Lady Fenja took a video of her slave as he licked her muddy boots. She did it because she wanted something to hold over him as she knew he was afraid of anyone knowing that he was humiliated by being made to lick boots and lick saliva. So she let him go but she knew that she had a powerful weapon against him and it served her well for a long time.

Lady Sandy loves to scare the shit out of losers because it makes them fear her for a long time and in so doing, obey her for a long time. She likes it when people do things that she asks them to do without questioning her and she came to find out that fear made them do that more often than anything else. That is why she loves to be feared.

When this mistress had a problem with her man, she called her friend and both of them gave him a beating. He was naked and in pain as they turned him into a foot slave and had fun trampling and kicking him. He tried to defend himself but he only ended up making things harder for himself and the punishment he got became even more severe. He stopped and apologized.

Lady Scarlet has one rule that she does not date married men. And when this guy who was clearly married approached her, she told him that she did not date married men. He tried to buy sex from her but she was offended and she slapped the shit out of him after she had tied him up and rendered him defenseless. He regretted trying to fuck her as it had brought him a lot of pain and misery.

This mistress did not like how this blonde spoke about her. She did not know her but the blonde apparently knew her and was ok spreading fake news about her. So she used the chance she got to punish her and make her stop the nonsense she was doing. She used her heels to trample her and make her cry. She went directly for the head as that was where she could feel more pain.

Today mistress Selena used her dirty toilet seat to punish her girlfriend. She asked her to lick it and it was an order she had to obey. Then she made her drink water which she had spat into. And lastly, she turned her into a human ashtray. Those punishments made her fear mistress Selena and not piss her off like he had done earlier. And they did not have flimsy issues like before.

Mistress Natasha had told her boyfriend that she did not like how untidy he was but he did not seem to listen to her. So she did something about it as she did not want to go crazy on his account. She trampled him and she did not even stop when her friend came to visit them. She went on doing it and told her friend what her boyfriend had done to deserve it.

Mistress Nikki and mistress Tina were not wearing any underwear as they set out to dominate this loser. And it was done intentionally as they sat on the opposite side meaning he could see what they were doing and he could check out their pussies as they humiliated him. It was to be a distraction and it worked as he was distracted and turned on by their pussies that he forgot he was being humiliated.

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