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This mistress did not want to deal with this guy because he was fond of manipulating people. The mistress had had a talk with him but it did not help in any way and that is why she chose to punish him. The punishment came in the form of ballbusting him. He did not see that coming and he cried at what she was doing to him. He never manipulated anyone again after that.

This guy was a loser and these mistresses felt that he dumbed down their group. He did not bring any value to the group and the mistresses felt that he had to be dominated and humiliated. So they did it with their saliva and with their feet. They trampled him and had him lick their feet before they forced him to open his mouth and they spat into it. The message was home.

Princess Kira had to punish this girl and she did it with her the help of her friends. They all turned the girl into a human horse and she was trampled and dominated cruelly. The poor girl felt pain and she was also humiliated but the mistresses did not care about what she felt and what she was going through. They also made her smell their asses and their farts.

Goddess Mia came home and she realized that her slave had a bad attitude. She let it slide but he continued to mess up and she was not going to let him continue that way. She had to get to the bottom of it. But he refused to speak to her and she had no choice but to punish him as cruelly as she could. The mistress did this by making him lick her boots and her socks.

Lady Nisha felt that her slave was too entitled and that is why she opted to punish him. She did not want him to go through life with an entitlement mentality and that is why she used her bare feet to trample and crush the shit out of him. He was scared shitless but he could not do anything about it. He learned to dial back his entitlement and it helped him.

Mistress Gaia was trolled by this guy and she did not like what he did. She had to humiliate him and she did so using her high heels because she wanted him to be in a lot of pain so that he would never bother her again or try to troll anyone else for that matter. So the mistress kicked him hard in the balls for him to change as she wanted.

Madame Marissa wanted to handle this bully and she did it once and for all. She had tried to avoid him and to hope that he would outgrow that habit but he did not and she had to punish him for it. The mistress threw him down and she trampled as well as crushed him painfully using her boots. He never bullied anyone ever again after what she did to him.

Lady Scarlet had caught this guy trying to steal from her and she did not like it. She had given him some work to do in her house but he tried to steal a pair of her expensive shoes because she has many. He thought she would not notice but she did and that is why she quickly made sure he paid for it. He was trampled and made to scream in pain.

Mistress Jessica had smelly feet and she wanted to test this guy using those feet. The mistress had the guy lick the feet and also gag on them despite the fact that he could tell that they were smelly. The mistress made it look naughty to make it easier for him to lick her feet. It was indeed easier for him and it was fun for her. But she did not give him anything in return.

This guy was a player and when these mistresses realized that they were his victims, he had to be punished and the mistresses did it using their slaps and humiliation. Mistress Dula led the effort to punish him and he was degraded beyond what he had ever experienced before in his life. He never messed up again after what they did to him. He apologized but they did not care about his apology.

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