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Goddess Stephanie had beef with her man because he did not help her around the house. He loved to play video games when he got home and he did not even have time to hang out with her. She was so pissed off at him for not changing despite her telling him to change those habits that she used her ass to punish him. She facesat on him while playing his video games and let him learn his lesson.

Mistress Alexandra had asked this masseuse to go and massage her and her friends. He had told them how great he was at it and they believed him. But he was not anywhere near as good as he had claimed to be and that pissed the mistresses off. They had to punish him and they did it using their whips and with their high heels. All of this was done while he was naked.

This mistress had never facesat on her man before during sex. So he suggested it today and she agreed. She did not know what to expect but the minute she did and he licked her pussy while she was on top and she wiggled her ass on his face and got to rub her clit and pussy against his face, she felt like she had discovered a new level of fun.

Princess Kira is always down for having her pussy eaten. And even as she plotted how to punish the guy for what he had done, she knew that she wanted him to eat her pussy. And she did not even hesitate to make him do it. He thought that they would have sex but they did not. She enjoyed what happened and then she turned on him and punished him cruelly.

Goddess Harley wanted this guy to jerk off but not like he was used to. She first of all trampled him and she made him feel not only humiliated, but also made him feel pain. She then had him lick her bare feet before she was done with him. And that was when she let him jerk off. He wished the ground would open up and swallow him but it did not.

Mistress Chloe did not want to deal with an unruly guy and she felt that if she did not do anything to him, he would be emboldened. She did not want that so she punished the cruelly and forced him to do things her way. He was shocked by her audacity to torture and trample him but he could not do anything other than take the abuse and endure the humiliation.

When this slave messed up, he did not think twice about it because he knew that he had a good enough explanation for it. But the mistress did not care about his explanation. When he was done giving it, the mistress turned him into a fart slave and he had to endure smelling her farts and licking her ass. She told him that was the mildest punishment he would ever get from her.

This couple loved to con people and they were so smooth that they always got away with it easily. But today they were not so lucky as they ended up pissing off these mistresses and they did not like it. They lured them to their house where the mistresses stripped them naked and whipped them after tying them to a pallet. They were whipped on their balls and on their nipples.

This mistress saw nude paintings and she wanted one. So she hired this guy to do it and she sat down on her couch while fully naked. Her big tits hang proudly from her chest and she flaunted them as she waited for the guy to finish his painting. When the painting finally came out, it was one of the most beautiful ones she had ever seen in his life.

Lady Asmodina had gone to the woods to clear her mind as she had a lot on her mind. But this guy tried to scare her and to take advantage of her. But it did not go down the way he wanted and he was shocked by what shed did to him. The mistress laughed at him as he begged for mercy and she knew that her punishment had worked.

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