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Lady Kim is the kind of person who likes to dominate people to make sure that she put them in their lanes. The mistress had to make sure that she humiliated him today which she did with bare feet as well as with her sneakers. The guy was shocked and scared at the same time. He did not know what to do to help himself other than to obey all her orders.

This guy was supposed to add value to these mistresses but he did not. He was asked to make the necessary changes but he did not agree and that did not sit well with mistress Bridget and mistress Kirstin. The mistresses were so pissed that they had to torture him which they did using their feet. He had to be taught a lesson and he learned to be more productive.

This mistress learned that it was this guy who had leaked her secrets and she was not pleased. She was so mad that she had to plan how to punish him. She did it cruelly and she cruelly made sure that the guy was in pain and he was tortured cruelly. That is why she used ballbusting to torture him. He was tied up so that he would not mess with her as she did her thing.

Goddess Kira was out to boot trample this guy. That was her main intention. But she knew that she needed to do it in a way he had never had it done before. That is why the mistress chose to use her hot and curvy ass to bait him. She used it to tease him and he took the bait. Once he had, the mistress cruelly boot trampled him for her fun.

This mistress had never experienced an anal orgasm before and she was dying to. So she met this guy who loved licking asses and as they talked, she realized that she would want to try it out. She agreed to do it with him and the guy did her sexy ass justice as he licked and played with it until she got the orgasm she wanted to get from it.

Mistress Dula had a slave because she wanted to have fun at his expense. That is why she opted to trample the slave and she even turned him into a human pony. He had to carry her all over and he had no choice but to do so. The mistress did not care what the guy felt as long as she was having a great time, which she was at his expense.

Mistress Gaia was interested in torturing this guy and she chose to do it in a way he would always remember. She wanted it to be humiliating but not painful. That is why she opted for her socks and sneakers. They were dirty socks and by the time she was done using them to humiliate the guy, he was screaming for mercy. But she ignored him and continued doing her thing.

Madam Mysteria likes to create her own orgasms and she did so today when she had this guy lie down and she facesat him. In addition to facesitting him, she also rode his face and she wiggled her ass on his face and she had a great orgasm. She was touching and playing with his dick to keep him busy as she did her thing on him. It was fun.

Goddess Aphrodite, lady BlackDiamoond and mistress Kim wanted this guy punished because of how he did not value their input and the things they did for him and his company. He took them for granted and they had to punish him for it. He was tied up and trampled by the mistresses who also turned him into a spit slave and had him drink their saliva. The message was home.

Mistress Kira, mistress Sofi and mistress Agma did not have a good relationship with their ex professor and now that they had graduated, they felt that it was a good time to punish him and torture him in a way he had never been before. That is why they chose to spit on him and to do other humiliating things to him before she went away never to see him again.

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