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The SadoSisters sit down on a couch and order their slave to lie down in front of them. They demand that he cleans their high heel shoes and of course he starts licking them immediately. But - as always - it's not enough for the SadoSisters to make him worship their heels - so they start to trample him while he's cleaning their heels. They later take them off and continue to trample him with their bare feet - which he has to clean too, of course!

Bessie and Emmanuelle - two sexy French mistresses - order their slave to lie down next to their car and immediately start to trample him under their boots. The hard soles and heels of their boots leave marks all over his chest and face - and he even has to lick the dirty bottoms of their boots!

Queen P has an enormous ass - and loves to use it to submit men! She's wearing skin-tight jeans today and sits down right on this guy's face! She sits on his face with the full weight of her chubby body and not only smothers him - she nearly crushes his face!

Mistress Zaza took her slave to a park and forced him to lie down in front of a bench in a public park - now he has to lick her boots while people walk nearby! Of course they notice him - but he has no chance - he has to continue to lick his mistresses' sexy boots until they're completely clean again!

Miss July forces her slaves to lay his head on the gym-ball and sits right down on him. She just returned from the gym and her ass is really sweaty. Now she smothers him underneath her sexy butt. She loves the feeling of his face - and especially his nose - in her crotch!

Mistress Maurice wears her sexy dangerous white plateau boots. She walks all over this poor guy who is actually a security man that wanted to force her to cover her bikini in the office. Now he isn't any more than just her living door mat. A carpet to walk all over...

Mistress Leyla and Lady Jane are torturing their pony slave. He is lying on the ground as they both keep trampling him. They make him clean and worship their suede boots as they kick him and humiliate him. They also whip him while they ride him like a pony.

Britney sits on a rock somewhere in a park as she slowly takes off her chucks and makes her slave sniff them. After that she covers his face with her stinky socks. He smells them and inhales her foot stink. Then she also removes her socks to give him the pure stink! Her bare feet are licked and worshipped by him as she strokes them over his face...

Mistress Leyla and Lady Jane are having so much fun as they both smother their slave in turn. Each one of them wears sexy jeans - Jane wears jeans trousers and Leyla jeans shorts. The slave lies on the ground as they sit on his face to smother him in turn...

This fucking freak is the hotel butler of our suite. He thought he could date us or something as he delivered the champagne. He began to flirt and something... Well we needed to clear the situation. So we bate him down, and enslaved him. We busted his tiny balls and made him lick dirt off our shoes and feet! This little fuck really obeyed us and did what we told him to do. What a loser.

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