Best Femdom Clips - Watch the newest femdom Videos now! - Page 160

Lady Melissa loves to play with her slave's breath. She first binds his hands, legs and neck together so he can't move and then starts smothering him with her hands and feet. But it's too easy for the slave to free his head in this position - so she sits down right on his nose and mouth and smothers him under her gorgeous ass.

The sadistic sisters Layla and Jane placed a training bench on the slave's stomach while they do their daily workout. They're both wearing sneakers for their training and off course their feet get sweaty after a while. The decide that the pain of his compressed stomach isn't enough punishment for the bad behaving slave and take off their sport shoes - to press them right on his nose! He has to smell the sweat-soaked inside of their shoes but even that's not enough for these sadistic beauties and so they force him to suck and lick the sweat directly from their feet!

BBW Lady Cathy told her slave to try to fight her. Of course this little wimp isn't even able to lift his mistresses' leg. She punishes him for his weakness and wrestles him down to the ground easily. "That was fun! Let's try it again" - of course the slave fails again and again. In the end she first sits down on his back, compressing his tiny body under her massive weight before she decides to smother him und her big round ass - maybe he can try to fight her off from here!

Mistress Katja is talking to you and she isn't exactly in a good mood - so she starts off by verbally humiliating you very harsh and begins to spit right into your face. Can you feel her warm spit running down your face? Did you get a little bit into your mouth? Better be grateful for that - normally a goddess like her wouldn't spent a second on a guy like you!

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