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When this guy seduced lady Leehanna, he did not know that he was getting himself in big problems. She did not see him as a sexual partner but rather, as a plaything. So she teased him and she had fun making him do things she had always wanted to try such as getting him to lick her bare feet, her high heels and things like that. He did not notice that she was using at first but eventually he found out and he was not pleased.

Goddess Lena and her friend found out that this loser had been bullying their siblings and they did not like it. He had to pay the price for what he had done. The mistresses invited him to go and hang out with them and when he went, they turned on him and they choked him. He was beaten up and turned into a human ashtray. He was given a taste of his medicine and made to regret being a bully.

Mistress BlackDiamoond is cruel when she is fed up with someone. She was fed up with this guy today and she tortured him for fun. The mistress even invited her friend and the two of them had fun using the guy as a human ashtray. But that was not all as they also threatened to fuck him with a strapon. They finally made him light his balls on fire using a lighter before they felt it was enough.

Mistress Gaia does not tolerate bullies. She is anti-bullying and she does all she can to make sure it is stamped out of communities. She had moved into a new neighborhood and this guy tried to bully her. He regretted it instantly as the mistress made an example of him. She dominated him and made him strip down before she kicked him in the nuts. The pain made him never bully again.

Mistress Isabella felt that this guy was taking her for granted. He had her money and he did not want to pay. She desperately needed some money for a project she had but the guy did not even commit to give it to her by a certain time. She got so pissed that she chose to torture him for fun and to send a message that she had to get her money back.

Mistress Nina likes to have fun all the time. And for her, it is no fun doing the same thing twice. She settled on foot licking today and she got this loser to lick her feet while she was playing games and chatting with her friends on phone. It was a lot of fun for her but it was an absolute nightmare for the guy and he was humiliated like never before.

Mistress Ava likes her instructions followed to the letter. But she felt that this guy did not. She had to do something about it and after careful consideration, she tied him up and she slapped him cruelly. He could not even help himself or even shield the slaps. In addition, the mistress also choked him to send a message that she meant business. He never failed to follow her instructions again.

Princess Kate noticed that this guy was drawn to her tits and she knew she had found a way to humiliate him for her own fun. The mistress teased him and she got him under her total control. She then turned him into a foot slave and enjoyed humiliating him. He did not even realize he was being humiliated as his concentration was on her big tits and nothing else.

Lady Betty and lady Bertie were minding their own business in the house when their neighbor made noise for them. They did not like and had to teach him a lesson. He had to learn to mind other people and be considerate of them. So the mistresses went to his house and they spat on him and they turned him into a foot slave as punishment for what he had done.

Princess Serena likes to keep losers away from her because she feels like they are contagious and can infect her with their loser tendencies. When this one came near here today, she punished him by filing and scraping dead skin from her feet and then she gave it to him to eat. She then chased him away as quickly as she could. She knew he would never go near her again.

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