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Mistress Lola came home with dirty feet because she planned to humiliate him. She knew he had messed up but she could not get the time to punish him the way she wanted. So the mistress had to push it to a time when she could do it. The mistress even dipped her feet in the toilet and forced the slave to lick her dirty feet and he could not d anything about it.

Mistress Cama is a sadistic person and she loves it when others are in pain and miserable. She likes to be the person behind their misery and today she was. She undressed this guy and she forced him to lie down. Thereafter, the mistress forced him to endure the pain of him using his dick to extinguish her cigarette. It was very painful and he learned a lesson the hard way.

Goddess Allie met this hot Santa and she could not imagine that he was there just to entertain the kids. She also wanted him to entertain her and she forced him to do it. The mistress took him to her bedroom where she forced him to lie down and she facesat on him with her sexy ass and rubbed her pussy on his face and had fun until she came.

Princess Kate was chatting with this guy who has a fetish for sexy feet. She was video chatting him and after a little teasing and flirting, the mistress chose to show off her sexy feet. The guy liked what he saw and that is how he got hooked to her. She took advantage of what he felt to dominate the guy financially. She laughed all the way to the bank.

Madame Marissa hunted down the guy who had hacked her website and she punished him cruelly. The mistress did not want him to ever do what he had done again. She also forced him to tell her all the vulnerabilities that existed in her website and she got to fix them before he was allowed to leave. He was in a lot of pain and he regretted what he had done.

Despite this slave being old, this mistress felt she had to teach him how to endure pain and how to toughen up. The mistress did this using her bare feet. And she concentrated on the parts she was sure were going to be painful for him. He felt like he would not make it but after some time, he started getting used to the pain and he learned to handle it well.

Mistress Natasha and her boyfriend like to play games. They like to increase the stakes all the time and that is what they did today. The couple played a game today and they agreed that whoever won would trample the loser. She was looking forward to humiliating him so she did her best not to loser. After winning, she enjoyed trampling him from head to toe and enjoyed how he struggled not to cry.

Mistress BlackDiamoond and her friend Selina fucked this guy in the ass and in the mouth because they wanted him to keep a secret. He had seen what they had done and the mistresses did not want to risk him telling anyone what he had seen. So they tortured him to show him what he would have to endure if he told anyone their secret. The pain was excruciating and the slave did not want to experience it again so he kept his mouth shut.

Mistress Yolanta had bet on this guy because she felt he was good but he lost the competition. She was pissed as he had lied to her that he was the best in the game. She wanted her money back and she forced him to give her back the money she had spent on betting on him and she wanted it with interest. The guy had to give it to her for her to stop head trampling and torturing him.

Lady Milana lost some lucrative business courtesy of this guy. She was so mad as she was looking forward to servicing that lucrative account. Now it was gone and she was not yet over it. So she hunted the guy responsible for it and she gave him a piece of her mind. The mistress forced the loser to undress and she kicked him in the nuts. He also lay down on vegetation and he was itchy and some things pricked him but he had no time to scratch his itches.

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