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Mistress Adora and her friend took this slave to the woods to punish him because they were sure that he had not learned his lesson the way he needed to. They also did not want to punish him where he would cry and make a lot of noise. So they took him to the woods where he was trampled after being undressed. He was also caned and had to lick dirty soles.

Mistress Anastasia and lady Jojo did not want to be near this negative guy. They did not want him to infect them with his negativity. So the mistresses trampled the guy and crushed him all over his body to drive the point home that he had to keep away from them. The pain made him get their message and adhere to it as he did not want to feel that way again.

Goddess Nika has a hot ass and she likes to show it off. She showed it off today to this guy because he had a thing for asses. She loved his reaction. He thought that she was going to fuck him but he was shocked when she left him high and dry. He was denied after being teased and he felt like crying. All she told him was to go and jerk off.

This guy was used to being dismissive and he always got away with it but his luck ran out today and he dismissed these mistresses thereby incurring their wrath. He had to be punished and the mistresses did this by ballbusting him. He had never been ballkicked before and it was the single most painful thing he had ever experienced in his entire life. He never messed up again by being dismissive.

Mistress Lika had a falling out with this mother and her daughter. She did not like how they used her for their selfish ends and did not meet their obligations to her. She did not want to sue even though she knew that the chance of her winning was very high. Instead, she dominated them cruelly using her saliva and her feet. The mistress and her daughter had to lick both of them.

When this mistress noticed that she was dealing with a guy who was horny all the time, she felt that he did not have the necessary focus to be her partner in the project they were undertaking together. So she punished him for it by trampling his dick as well as making him cry because of the pain he felt as she crushed his balls. She did all this using her sneakers.

When this mistress realized that she was dealing with a student who did not have any drive or focus to be better and to do better, she tried to investigate him in an effort to help him. She was pissed to learn that the student came from a humble background and he of all people needed to be serious. So she made him lie down and trampled him to make him get serious.

Missy Van Licks and her friend tortured these guys cruelly. They were made to do some crazy things for the pleasure of the cruel mistresses. The mistresses made sure that the guys were not only pissed and tortured, but after a while, the mistresses realized that they had gone overboard and overdone the punishment. To make it up to the guys, they jerked them off and let them have orgasms.

Mistress DirtyQueenPenelopa had to teach this guy a lesson he had not been taught before. She did not want to make it a painful one so she did it as easily as she was able to. The mistress crushed food while he watched. She used her bare feet, her socks and her sneakers. Then she gave it to him to eat. He could not say no and had to eat it all.

When mistress Laura realized that she had a gullible slave, she knew she had found someone to easily dominate and humiliate for her own fun. That is why the mistress went out of her way to make the guy lick her feet as well as her shoes. He was scared and he feared that she would do worse than what she had already done so he did all she asked him to.

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