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Mistress Julia had watched her slave do things she had not asked him to do while ignoring him those which she had asked him to. She used her spit to dominate the guy as well as to make him lick her sweaty feet. Besides being sweaty, her feet were also dirty. The slave knew he was cornered and had to do each and everything that she told him to do.

Mistress BlackDiamoond was told that this guy had committed a lot of wrongs and she needed to punish him because she was an expert in torturing guys. She asked what they wanted done to him and she was told it was up to him. The mistress agreed and she was given some good money to torture him cruelly. She chose to use a strapon to fuck him in the ass.

Mistress Gaia and her friend wanted this guy to prove his strength to them. He had bragged about how strong he was in order to impress them. But he was shocked to find that the mistresses were not really impressed by him. The mistresses chose to put him to a test and had him carry their combined weight. He tried his best but he could not do it and he was embarrassed.

Mistress Lyla was not amused with her husband's sexual stamina. She wanted him to have a better performance than he had been having. The mistress did not want to cheat on him so she put him through his paces with squats, push ups and other sorts of exercises to help him develop a stamina in bed. And she was lucky when he learned fast and he rocked her sexual world.

Mistress Bertie wanted her husband to come clean about what he had done while she was away. She had a hunch that he had done something wrong but she could not place her finger on it. The mistress chose to get a confession out of him and she dominated him and facesat on him to get him to confess. He confessed that he had gambled even though they had agreed he quit.

Princess Kate found out that this loser had been admiring her and she baited him with her butt. He took the bait and she used that chance to dominate him. She had fun making him lick her sexy ass and do other naughty things she wanted. He thought it was mutual but he did not know she was using him. She then facesat on him and choked him but still managed to make him think it was mutual.

Mistress Tatiana did not want to leave her work in order to punish this loser. She did both of them at the same time. She trampled her slave after she had made him lie down. At that same time, she was working on her laptop. He was humiliated and regretted why he had pissed her off but it was too late and he was not enjoying the consequences of what he had done.

Madame Marissa did not want to wait for her new slave to make a mistake before she punished him. She wanted him to know that she was not going to allow him make mistakes as she just sat down and watched him do it. She trampled him and facesat on him with her ass in jeans. Madame Marissa knew how painful that was and she knew it had sent him a message.

Madame Svea found out that her slave had never cum and she felt pity for him. He had been a fairly good slave and she felt he needed the experience of cumming. So she assisted him to cum although she did not fuck him herself. She teased him and she gave him her jerk off instructions which he used to cum. He had never felt that good and he loved it.

Mistress Sofia did not like her slave girl's work rate. She wanted to make sure her slave learned to do things the way she wanted. So she asked him to lick her flip flops and her bare feet as punishment. She told him that was a light punishment and if he was not careful, she would do worse things to him. She did not want anything worse than that so he changed.

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