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Goddess Aphrodite, lady BlackDiamoond and mistress Kim wanted this guy punished because of how he did not value their input and the things they did for him and his company. He took them for granted and they had to punish him for it. He was tied up and trampled by the mistresses who also turned him into a spit slave and had him drink their saliva. The message was home.

Mistress Kim and missy Van Licks needed the truth out of this guy but he did not want to say anything to them and they did not like it. For that, they had to force the truth out of him and they cruelly made sure that he licked their asses as well as smelled their farts. He was shocked at the cruelty he was exposed to by the mistresses and he learned his lesson.

Goddess Yasemin did not like this guy and she did not want him looking for her to hang out. So she used her saliva to humiliate him as she knew after that he would not look for her. The mistress had him lick her saliva and drink some of it after she had collected it in a small bowl. He was shocked and never looked for her again after what she did to him.

Goddess Yasemin is a faithful girlfriend and there is nothing that can make her cheat on her man. Even today as she was bored and she contemplated trying something crazy for fun, she knew it would not lead to her cheating. So she used her hot butt to tease this guy and when she was done teasing him, she denied him. It was for her fun and not for the fun he thought was going to happen.

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