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Mistress Suzy wanted to dominate this loser with her feet so she got him to lie down and she crushed his upper body with her feet and she made it as cruel and as painful as she could possibly make it. It was a lot of fun for the mistress but it was torture for him and he cried out and tried to beg her to let her go but she ignored him.

Mistress BlackDiamoond and her friend wanted to gain access to an office that this guy guarded. He refused and threatened to chase them away and also call the authorities. He did not know them well and the next thing he realized was that he had been thrown down, stripped naked and made to endure heel trampling and domination. He was left tied up and they gained the entry they wanted.

This mistress was not happy to learn that this guy had done his part of their agreement. She felt he was taking her for a ride and she wanted to dominate him in order to teach him a lesson. The mistress did it slowly so that he was more humiliated and it also gave him enough time to think about what to tell her. It worked and he did his part.

Madame Marissa felt that her slave was being too much and he needed to be tamed. She felt that it was something necessary for her to do so she looked for the best way to do it. The mistress used her boots to crush and stomp her and she did it as cruelly as she was able to and it was painful for the slave until he begged her to let him go.

Mistress Gaia had lowered her standards and she had let this guy fuck her. He was nowhere near her league but she had a great time with him. The mistress was not pleased with him and she ended up teaching him a lesson that he had never been taught before. She crushed his tiny dick and she told him she would not lower her standards and then he failed to satisfy her.

Mistress Natasha did not like how much her slave snored and she had to torture him so that he did something about it. He snored so loudly that she could not sleep at all. The mistress took out a book and she read it so that she would fall asleep again. And as she did so, she was trampling her boyfriend on the face and also sitting on his stomach.

Mistress Kira was so mad at her slave that she chose muddy gumboots to teach him a lesson. The mistress wanted to do crazy things to him so that he learned never to piss her off. The mistress used her muddy gumboots to trample him all over the body. She also had him lie down almost naked on the mud. But she did not care whether he got sick or how he felt about what she did to him.

Mistress Luciana wanted to facesit on this loser so she gave him a handjob for fun. The mistress wanted to have a great time at his expense but she lied to him that it was a mutual thing. She facesat on him and at first he felt like it was the right thing. But then it went on for long and he started questioning her. To make him stop questioning her, she gave him a handjob but she made it a little humiliating.

Goddess Lena is the kind of mistress who likes to try different things and today she tried domination fetish. She had never done it before but today was the day she did it. She was armed with a loser to dominate and she did not go easy on him. She made sure he did all the nasty things that were in her head and she told him the sooner he did them the sooner she would be done with him.

Mistress Nica did not like how her slave liked to abscond duty all the time and she was not going to allow it anymore. So she used her boots to trample him and to make sure he learned his lesson in a cruel manner. The mistress got her boots licked clean even though they were muddy and when he was done, she trampled him with the same boots so that he would never do what he had done again.

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