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This guy was ungrateful and mistress Gaia knew she would not help him again since he felt that she did not do anything to him. So she stopped dealing with him. But he came later demanding for help from her and she got pissed at how ungrateful he was and she asked her friend to help her punish him. The two of them trampled him with their boots and crushed his nuts.

These mistresses wanted to enjoy themselves in a way they had never done before. And that is why they chose to trample and humiliate this loser in a way he had never been. He was lured to their house and lied to that he was going to have fun with the mistresses but they only turned him into a foot slave and he had to lick their feet and suck their toes.

This mistress did not like to encourage this guy to miss work and when she noticed that he did so, she had to punish him. She kicked him hard in the nuts and she made sure he felt pain and that he was humiliated and degraded. The mistress slapped him and she also had him drink and lick her saliva. He was in pain and he was humiliated but it served him right.

Lady Shay was not ok with an indifferent slave. She wanted someone who was concerned and who was caring. She had to send a message to this one that she did not like that about her and there was no better way for her to do so than to use her big ass to humiliate him. He had to lick her ass and smell it before she let him go.

Mistress AnaGee wanted to turn this guy off and she did it by overly playing with her feet and asking him to do things to and with her feet and yet she was fully clothed. She did not look like she was getting turned on as he tried to do them and he got bored and tired of doing those things. He got up and left as he knew nothing would happen.

Mistress Anastasia knew that this guy loved her ass and he was dying to check it out and even to fuck her. It was his birthday and she felt pity for him and to make his day, she chose to show him her hot ass as a present. The guy was pleasantly surprised and he loved it. The mistress even let him jerk off to it then she went away.

Mistress Isabella was home alone and she did not feel like doing anything. She did not feel like getting out of bed either. So she tried to get something to do in the bedroom and she remembered that she had wanted to try foot fetish. So she tried all the things that were in her head and she had a surprisingly good time and knew she would definitely do it again.

When this mistress set out to dominate this slave, she did so using her bare feet. She took the food and she placed it on her feet, which were smelly, and he had to eat it from there. He had no choice but to do it as she wanted it done. The slave was lucky it did not get worse than that and he thanked his lucky stars for that.

This mistress had had a long day and she wanted to get her feet pampered because she had been walking and standing on her high heels for the entire day and she was exhausted. Her feet were killing her and she had to make sure they were rubbed and given a great treatment. That is why she opted to make this guy do it for her. She lured her easily to get him to do it after a little flirting.

When mistress Catarina and lady Mona found out that this guy was spying on them, they had to punish the guy and teach him a cruel lesson. He was stripped naked and handcuffed before the mistresses trampled and dominated him. He cried and begged the mistresses to stop punishing him but they did not stop. In fact, they did it even more. They took a break and then continued with their punishment.

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