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Mistress Rosalina needed to get her feet licked and smelled. It was something she had been looking forward to for some time and she made sure that it happened the way she wanted. The mistress did not hesitate to do it and by the time she was done with the guy, he had licked and smelled her feet as well as her socks and her shoes before she was done with him.

Mistress Lorena was out to degrade and she was not going to stop at anything to make sure she got what she wanted. So she used her humiliation fetish to punish and humiliate the guy. He was given a used condom and asked to eat the contents. He could tell from her look that she was serious about him doing and he had no choice but to do it.

Mistress Emily is the kind of person who does not stop until she gets what she wants. Today was one such day for her and she had to get what she wanted. So she went out of her way to use her hot and sexy body to get a contract that had been a pain in the ass for her to secure. It did not take her long after she teased this guy to get it.

When this guy tried to lie, he did not know that he was causing himself a lot of pain. The mistress chose to dominate the guy and she humiliated him for it. He had to learn his lesson in a painful and humiliating way and by the time she was done with him, he had vowed never to piss her off again and he tried to make amends for his lies.

When this guy misbehaved, this mistress knew that she had to do something she had never done before. She plotted it carefully and he did not see it coming. He was shocked by everything that she did and she had a great time at his expense. The mistress made sure that she forced him to wear a cock cage and then had fun torturing him for her fun and to make sure he would not misbehave again.

Mistress Sheela had issues with this guy and she had to resolve them as fast as she could. She thought that the best thing to do to the guy was to use her boots to kick him as hard as she could and the best place to do so was his balls. That is exactly what she did and it worked out the way she wanted. He was in the pain of his life and he changed.

Mistress Lorena wanted to show this guy what she does to people like him who mess with her and she did it with her strapon. She wanted him to learn his lesson the hard way and that is why she did it in a way he would never forget. As a straight man, she made him feel humiliation as she deepthroated him with her huge strapon. And she scared him that she would use it on his ass.

This woman tried to come between mistress Betty and her girlfriend. She had to be stopped and the two lovers did it in a cruel way he had never imagined. The girls made out as she watched and besides that, they spat on her and even drooled on her. That was not all as she was required to lick and swallow their saliva and their drool. It was not optional.

Madame Marissa wanted to entertain herself and she did it at the expense of this loser. The mistress felt that she had to dominate him in order to entertain herself and that is what she did. It was a lot of fun for her as she had the guy do all that she asked him to do. He was humiliated and in pain but there was nothing he could do about it.

When mistress Dorimills and her friend mistress Agma noticed that this guy was scared and they took advantage of his scaredness. He was turned into a foot slave and he had to lick their feet as well as do all the cruel things they wanted him to do such as smelling their asses and sniffing their farts. When he was done the mistresses let him go. He was shaking as he went away.

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