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Mistress Leyla and Lady Jane are having so much fun as they both smother their slave in turn. Each one of them wears sexy jeans - Jane wears jeans trousers and Leyla jeans shorts. The slave lies on the ground as they sit on his face to smother him in turn...

This fucking freak is the hotel butler of our suite. He thought he could date us or something as he delivered the champagne. He began to flirt and something... Well we needed to clear the situation. So we bate him down, and enslaved him. We busted his tiny balls and made him lick dirt off our shoes and feet! This little fuck really obeyed us and did what we told him to do. What a loser.

Mistress Lana and Lady Pam have always hated this foolish little slut. Once he has been their boss and commanded them around but then finally he became their slave and now it's about time to punish him for being such an asshole all the time. Lana has leashed him and now she's slapping his face a several times...

Oh well this one here is David, my ex boyfriend. He is the most disgusting person I have ever seen. He was watching foot and slave porn as I was not at home. But one day I surprised him. I was shocked that he was so into that slave thing that I needed to test him. He licked my feet in the same night and also signed a slave contract. Now I use him to beat him, to quit my frustration and anger, and he has to lick feet which is also a part of the contract. If he disobeys me it's getting very expensive for him. And since he likes woman feet but the contract just talks about "feet" with an unspecified gender, I made him lick my new boyfriends feet to hahaha... He was shocked as I made him do that, very similar to me as I trapped him...

This sexy brunette young lady likes it to force submissive guys into her cheeks to make them smell her ass. She violently grabs Walter by his hair and pushes him against her white trousers right in between her cheeks to cover up his nose and mouth. She commands him to smell and to worship her ass...

This guy here is my new slave dog. Like all those new puppies he needs to be trained by me. So I leashed him and took a nice ride on his back. After that I made him eat my cigarette ashes as I was smoking and as reward he was allowed to lick dirt off my sexy black boots. What an honor for a little puppy like him.

Mistress Ebony sits on her chair as her slave lies on the ground right in front of her. She makes him smell her stinky white socks by rubbing them all over his face. He worships and obeys her, even as she shoves her toes violently into his nose. She smiles and is visibly happy about her power.

This pathetic bitch has once been my ex slave's girlfriend. Oh it's a nice story, but I make it short for you: Well she was, as I already mentioned, his little darling. He cheated on her as he was licking dirt off my feet. She was always waiting for him and then one day he told me that he couldn't play that game anymore and went back to her. He gave it all up, but nobody gives up a Mistress Cathy! So I visited him myself. His wife opened the door and I showed her some clips of her little cheater. She was heartbroken and it was very easy for me to turn her into my new foot girl. Now he has lost everything while this ugly fat bitch has become real addicted to me!

Do you see this little faggot under my feet? Well this is my ex boyfriend. He always claimed that he loved me but that was a lie - he just loved my feet. I actually caught him as he was jerking off while he was sniffing my stinky gym sneakers. Well I decided to give him what he deserved and needed. Now he isn't any more than just a living doormat to me. He has to stay under my sexy feet, lick them clean and worship them and in return I am free again, able to meet other guys...

Lady Jane has tricked this poor guy and he has lost a bet! Now she demands what he owes her, and the deal was: The loser will stay as the winner's slave for not less than exactly one week. To show off her ne power, she first makes him lick her stinky sweaty feet clean. After that she sits on a leather chair and traps him under it while she rubs her feet all over his face to make sure he licks them for her.

Princess Mika is looking really sexy when she returns from a long day in the university. She wants to play a game with her slave and blindfolds him before she slips her nylon feet out of her ballerina shoes. She makes him smell both shoes and even lick the insoles to ask him what they smell and taste like. Of course the shoes got to have a bad taste after being worn nearly every day for over a year! But Mika's just getting started! She presses her feet in stockings right on his nose and makes him smell and lick them too. You can already see how sweaty and wet they're when she lifts her feet. Mika doesn't care about his humiliation - she wants to have fun - and she's got a lot of fun today!

Lady Nivia walks through all kinds of dirt at the beginning of the clips until her riding boots are really dirty and she gets on her horse. Now she can easily stick her boots into your face - and you know what that means! Get your tongue out and start to lick her boots and soles clean. You're worried that they're covered with horse shit and mud? Well you better are as they're really dirty!

Mistress Penelope loves to torture submissive men. She comes back home wearing her sneakers - which are extremely dirty after a day of walking. So she sits down above her slave and he has to lick her sneakers clean, but as he's too slow she decides to punish him by severe trampling. She really tramples him as if she wants to destroy him. She jumps on his body, steps on his throat with her full weight, stands on his head with both feet and generally stomps on his body. Of course she has to regrets - he's just a weak male that deserves to be treated like this!

Miss Crash has this cuckold slave totally under her control. When he arrives she's already making out with her boyfriend on the couch and has to lick her shoes clean. She asks him if he'd like to worship her bare feet too and when he admits that he'd love to do so she tells him to lick her boyfriends shoes before! The slave thinks about it, but he just has to do it, even if it's totally disgusting to lick a man's shoes. Afterwards he is rewarded by worshipping her bare feet and getting some hard kicks in the balls!

Italian mistress Kristina knows no mercy and her favorite kind of domination is strangling - bad luck for her slave! She grabs his neck with her powerful hands and strangles him really hard. With his hands bound on his back the slave has no chance to escape this femme fatale. His life is now completely in this beauty's hands!

Lady Velvet will hypnotize you and then instruct you to jerk off in front of her. But first you'll get on your knees - naked of course - and listen to her soft voice. You'll fall for your mistress Velvet when you stare into her blue eyes and hear her hypnotizing voice.

Lady Cassandra is in her bed with her lover making out with him while you're allowed to lick her feet clean. But Cassandra has much more humiliating ideas for you! She knows exactly how you love her Nike sneakers, that you'd love to get near them, smell them and worship them. Well - she'll give them to you - but only after her lover pissed on them! They take you and the pair of shoes into the bathroom and Cassandra puts her shoes in the bathtub. Now she instructs her lover to piss all over them. Now it's finally your turn - lick her lover's piss from her sneakers, pathetic cuckold bitch!

Mistress Samira tells you how she'll control your sex life from now on. You'll wear this chastity belt she gives you - but she'll keep the key! From now on you'll have to do whatever she tells you - unless you never want to be able to jerk off or have sex again. So you better be a good slave!

Cleo knows exactly about her bosses' foot fetish and uses it to get whatever she wants. Today she makes him worship her sneakers, socks and bare feet in his office. She sits down next to his desk and places her black sneakers on it so her boss can suck the dirt from the shoe soles before she takes her shoes off and lets him smell her stinky socks. In the end he even gets to worship her bare feet - and now let's talk about a good raise!

Princess Bridgette tramples a guy in her old hooters dress. She used to work there a while back and tortures this guy for all the bad things customers said to her. He's really suffering under her feet in socks when she tramples his body and face, stands with both feet on his head and stomps his groin.

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