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Mistress Ebony sits on her chair as her slave lies on the ground right in front of her. She makes him smell her stinky white socks by rubbing them all over his face. He worships and obeys her, even as she shoves her toes violently into his nose. She smiles and is visibly happy about her power.

This pathetic bitch has once been my ex slave's girlfriend. Oh it's a nice story, but I make it short for you: Well she was, as I already mentioned, his little darling. He cheated on her as he was licking dirt off my feet. She was always waiting for him and then one day he told me that he couldn't play that game anymore and went back to her. He gave it all up, but nobody gives up a Mistress Cathy! So I visited him myself. His wife opened the door and I showed her some clips of her little cheater. She was heartbroken and it was very easy for me to turn her into my new foot girl. Now he has lost everything while this ugly fat bitch has become real addicted to me!

Do you see this little faggot under my feet? Well this is my ex boyfriend. He always claimed that he loved me but that was a lie - he just loved my feet. I actually caught him as he was jerking off while he was sniffing my stinky gym sneakers. Well I decided to give him what he deserved and needed. Now he isn't any more than just a living doormat to me. He has to stay under my sexy feet, lick them clean and worship them and in return I am free again, able to meet other guys...

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