Disgusting beat-rag-foot-cuckold puppet | Best Femdom Clips

Oh well this one here is David, my ex boyfriend. He is the most disgusting person I have ever seen. He was watching foot and slave porn as I was not at home. But one day I surprised him. I was shocked that he was so into that slave thing that I needed to test him. He licked my feet in the same night and also signed a slave contract. Now I use him to beat him, to quit my frustration and anger, and he has to lick feet which is also a part of the contract. If he disobeys me it's getting very expensive for him. And since he likes woman feet but the contract just talks about "feet" with an unspecified gender, I made him lick my new boyfriends feet to hahaha... He was shocked as I made him do that, very similar to me as I trapped him...

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